That the Betsy Ross flag, our first US flag, triggers the left

The Democrat left is ruled by, championed by, an elite largely composed of outright Marxists, comm-simps and useful-idiot celebrity America haters (with corporate sponsorship to boot). That is the ilk that runs the Democrat Party, its appendages and string pullers.

“Traditional” Democrats —  either lazy, hide-bound, soft-headed or resentment mongers that they are —  sustain the momentum that those “visionaries” hope will  bring this country over the edge to their dream of one-world government.

The latest outrage they harbor, a frequent regurgitation actually, is resentment over the flying of the original American flag. They say it was conceived in slavery or represents a time of slavery, or something.  That ilk is OK with displaying other flags on this soil, just not one promoting the freedom of sovereign nationhood, as they look to their utopian (however inevitably dystopian) dream of a one-world flag.

Now Betsy Ross may have had slavery on her mind on occasion, anti-slavery Quaker that she was, but her task was simple and elegantly rendered – design a flag representing/fostering the unity of the newly established decision of the thirteen rebellious colonies to unite as a country composed of thirteen politically equal states and free themselves of Great Britain’s tyranny.  A banner representing one cause. The unity was conceived earlier but birthed on July 4th 1776. So displaying it on that anniversary makes sense, doesn’t it?

Not to the Kaepernicks,  the Nike corporate brain trust, the leftist media, etc.  That that flag somehow uniquely represents slavery, or slavery at all, is beyond ignorant, it is pure calumny.

And by the way, what were the flags of the world at the time about? Great Britain, Spain, France, African nations (such as existed), the Muslim world . . .  name the continent — slavery was legal practically everywhere. In Africa Blacks held slaves and sold other Blacks into slavery. American Indians here did the same. How is it that those “flags” did not represent slavery and the United States flag was somehow unique in its encompassing slavery?

The truth about the original stars and bars is that the ideals that would inextricably cause the end of slavery and the mechanism for doing so, were established under that flag.

That “traditional” Democrats do not rise up with righteous anger and throw those flag-haters from their party, or part company, says a lot about them and their party.

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