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We much appreciate Kurt Schlichter’s use of insightful invective and pithy commentary at Townhall 

The Nightmare Of An America Ruled By AOC And Her Socialist Pals  

What can be denied about his characterizations of Dem libs – they don’t even mean well.

DLH recently quipped on another topic:

‘The British ‘ambassador’ whose extremely disparaging memos describing the “dysfunctional” Trump White House, recently ‘leaked’, has now resigned.

Our observation: Again, we doubt the “hardworking” ambassador had to work very hard to compose his ‘memos’. Our guess is, he just bought a few hundred copies of Michael Wolfffff’s scurrilous book and mailed it to friends at Whitehall.

Later, we’re guessing he celebrated with other Trump-haters at his embassy toasting his own brilliance with a tasty white wine.
Good riddance, ‘Kimmy’.

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