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Democrat Cheri Bustos represents the Illinois 17th CD which sits, in part, right across the river from V’PAC headquarters which is located in the Iowa 2nd CD now held by Democrat Dave Loebsack. They share a lot of media outlets so we see a lot of coverage of both. Well what there is of Loebsack but especially Bustos who spent much of her working career in the Quad Cities including being a reporter for a time at Lee Enterprises’ newspaper the  Quad City Times which reaches far into and also owns other newspapers in her district.

There has been a lot of fawning in local and national media, including by much of the Democrat Party apparat, and even in conservative quarters who have praised the supposed political acumen of Cheri Bustos because she won in a “Trump district”. The fawning was attached to stories about her being “forced” to fire white staff on the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee she heads and replace them with people of color. It is possible that the conservative fawning may have been a little strategic hyperbole in order sow discord.

However, we think that willingly, dutifully, and with a salute, firing people based on race, which Bustos has agreed to do, is also egregious racism on her part.  She should resign rather than be part of such a racist massacre.

But, in order to be helpful to Democrats who are perhaps a bit embarrassed by the harsh politics played by the Congressional Black Caucus, acute observers of the Democrat dynamics that we are, we humbly suggest the following: Before the people Bustos hired are given their walking papers, and made victims of racial prejudice, a group that Bustos hand-picked to facilitate her political genius (a quality of hers that everyone says is self evident) that they be given a lifeline in the person of Davida Loebsack.

Our scheme only requires two things. One – that Congressman Loebsack announces his womanhood and come out as LGBTQ with the “T” having the most cache (sachet?). While Congressperson Loebsack has announced his retirement from Congress to our way of thinking that just gives him more time to  devote to the cause.

Given her intransigence (as opposed to Loebsack’s newfound transigence) our scheme also  requires that Bustos be “show fired” for her lack of diversity in hiring (it is too early to talk of being ‘suicided’). Why is she allowed to hang on anyway?

The thing is there is plenty of genius in the Democrat Party! All it takes is the “genius” to win in a Democrat district!! Having a district handed to you as Bustos received  (see links below) in her case only verifies that such genius was preordained.

Now we are not trying to say Loebsack is as much a genius. But genius enough!

Loebsack’s Iowa 2nd, while Democrat majority, is a bit tougher than hers so he wasn’t smart enough to move across the river and run in the Illinois 17th. Remember the current commentariats refrain about Bustos and what passes for genius – A Democrat winning in a Democrat district (even if it happened to go for Trump out of disdain for the Hildabeast).

Never mind that Loebsack’s  Iowa 2nd District went for Trump substantially more than Bustos’ Illinois 17th,  where Trump barely won and Loebsack still won by 7 points in 2016 and “double digits” in 2018 in spite of it somehow being a Trump district. In Democrat think that is not as much genius as Cheri Bustos exhibited, by winning a more Democrat district when Trump barely squeaked by. But in this genius line of reasoning Loebsack still offers the Bustos admirers” winning” if not legs.

How would this work? Well our V’PAC  Non-Partisan Think Tank members inform us that in Democrat politics the LGBTQ card is superior to the race card. If Bustos is fired and Loebsack can be talked into going drag for the good of the party then it becomes a win – win – win –  win – win for Democrats.

How?  The Black Caucus still gets a scalp, the DCCC retains the Bustos original staff,  they get someone almost as “genius” as Bustos to lead it, they check the uppity Black Caucus and please the LGBTQ “sexionality“. As to the latter Loebsack need not worry about being exposed (only us if he is)  as no one may question announced sexuality in the Democrat Party.  Its a rule or something.

Tell us more about how Loebsack’s and Bustos’ genius compare?

We have heard ad nauseam about Cheri ~~ she’s one sharp cookie don’t you know. . .  but with no detail of course, how “she won reelection by double digits in a district that went for Trump,” Why she must have been a genius or a Svengali or something to pull that off!

It seems she has a better PR department than the Marine Corps.  Except hers is shall we say gifted if not stolen valor. Consider our comments, and check out the links and excerpts about her district’s political background and Loebsack’s.

Editorial in yesterday’s Washington Examiner:

Democrats just purged white party staffers, and it’s a bigger deal than anyone wants to admit

This  article about Cheri Bustos  (first appearing in Politico I believe)  seems intended as a hagiography but read it for insight into her “genius”

The Secret Weapon Democrats Don’t Know How to Use

This is more insightful: Informationcradle Political Bio of Cheri Bustos

In 2007, Cheri Bustos ran for the East Moline City Council seat from city’s 4th Ward. She won the Democratic primary with 45% of the vote and won the general election unopposed. In 2011, she won re-election unopposed. Before her elections, she served on East Moline’s Citizen Advisory Committee and the East Moline Plan Commission. In 2009, she worked as in the Athena Business Women’s Award. In February 2010, she secured at a state and federal money to purchase a $40,000 electronic welcome sign that was placed at the border of East Moline.
In August 2010, she was voted in the water and sewer rate hikes. In January 2011, she expressed interest in charging residents who do not recycle extra fees to lower the city’s landfill costs.

In April 2011, she was voted in a budget that was raised in property taxes 4.9% and raised garbage collection fees, saying, “these decisions have been made thoughtfully and thoroughly and during the course of 17 open and public budget sessions.” She also supported water and sewage increases. She has been criticized for voting for a $624,000 project to improve 10th Street in East Moline, which runs adjacent to Bustos’s house; the Schilling campaign dubbed it the “Bustos Parkway.” Schilling’s claim was called “reckless, irresponsible fiction” by the editorial board of the Quad-City Times. After being elected to a second term in May 2011, Bustos resigned in September 2011 to focus on her run for Congress.

In the 2012 elections, she was stated to be received in the endorsement of about two dozen unions active in the 17th Congressional district, including the Illinois AFL-CIO, AFSCME and the United Auto Workers. During the primary, Bustos received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. Durbin asked state Senator Dave Koehler and George Gaulrapp to drop out of the race to clear the way for Bustos, who is a close family friend of Durbin. Durbin asked state Senator Dave Koehler and George Gaulrapp to drop out of the race to clear the way for Bustos, who is a close family friend of Durbin. Gaulrapp reported that during a meeting with Durbin about withdrawing, Durbin said that Bustos had babysat for his family and was a close friend. She won the Democratic primary on March 20, 2012, defeating Freeport Mayor George Gaulrapp and businessman Greg Aguilar 54%–26%-20%.

In the general election, Bustos was one of 39 candidates considered to be the most viable challengers against Republican incumbents to benefit from “Red to Blue” program offered by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She was endorsed by the Quad-City Times for the general election. In November, she defeated incumbent Republican Bobby Schilling 53%–47%. She’d received a significant boost from redistricting, which replaced Quincy, Decatur and the district’s portion of Springfield with the more Democratic portions of Peoria and Rockford. She is the first Democrat to represent a significant portion of Peoria since 1927, and only the second Democrat since the 1850s to represent a significant portion of Rockford. After entering the House, she made national headlines by “interviewing colleagues and posting the short videos on her Snapchat account.”

During the 2014 elections, she was challenged by Schilling for re-election in 2014. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune editorial board in 2012, she expressed her support for legislation which would cut congressional pay by 10 percent. When asked by a member of the editorial board if she would voluntarily give up 10 percent of her pay should the legislation fail, Bustos said that she would. During the campaign in 2014, she stated: “When I was in Chicago, I said something that I shouldn’t have said, but I never said it on the campaign trail. I never made it as a promise to the people in the 17th Congressional District.” The Chicago Tribune endorsed Schilling for the general election.

As they did in October 2012, Bustos and Schilling agreed to debate at the WQAD-TV News 8 studio on October 9, 2014, with Good Morning Quad Cities anchor Jim Mertens serving as moderator. She successful defeated Schilling in the November 4 general election, 55%–45%. During the 2016 re-elections, she successful won to represent the House in the 2016 general election, defeating the Republican challenger Patrick Harlan, an insurance agent, truck driver, and local Tea Party activist. During a long profile, she was politically noted on May 12, 2017, where she was noted in 2016, she was the only Democrat to win a House seat by a more than 20-point margin in a district that Trump also won.

“If Democrats are going to wrest control of the House from Republicans, argue many party strategists, it’s going to happen in large part by doing more of whatever it is her doing three hours west of Chicago in her nearly 7,000-square-mile district of small towns and soybean fields,” stated Politico. Calling her “one of the party’s rising stars,” Politico quoted her as saying, “I’m a little bit of a different kind of Democrat.” During the 2018 elections, she was challenged by Bill Fawell, a real estate broker who has attracted media attention for his conspiracy claims that the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks were an inside job perpetrated by the United States Government. She was then re-elected with 61.9% votes of the final vote talled over Fawell’s 38.1%.

In other words she was well connected to Durbin who wired the initial nomination, benefited from redistricting, and continued to win in a Democrat district against — well note who she was up against in those double digit wins (bold above).  ABSOLUTE GENIUS!

Here are some charts that can be used to compare the genius margins of the two congressman running in Democrat districts.

Loebsack’s 2nd CD

Bustos 17th CD


Loebsack won by substantial margins in a district that was won by Trump by even more than Bustos district. (Trump barely won the 17th CD.)_ What makes Bustos such a guru? Shouldn’t the DCCC be led by Loebsack?

Pictographs of how the transition might go and also showing the interchangeability of the two.

What’s it mean for Bustos?  She’ll be OK, its still a one party state with Cook County in control. She will still have her district and probably Durban’s blessing for Senate when he retires . . .  Cheri is hoping soon before she has to daily do the Pelosi routine of cranking up the sardine key at the temples.

More of the genius of the two in pictures.  Seriously some of the articles point out the genius of Bustos campaigning.  Imagine campaigning in a grocery store or with veterans or farmers in the district!!  No other congressional candidates thought of such things. Pure genius on the part of both of them.

Ol’ Dave might not have the right skirt or the gams but the Party has lots of resources to help him in the transition

Congressional thighs and lows. Maybe Maxine et al are just jealous

all about exercising the leaverages of power








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