Sheesh. Give it time people, let the hands play out

We are trying to win for world commerce. We can win because we have most of the cards.

Here we go again . . . the hand-wringing over Trump’s trade war with China (as if China has not been conducting and winning a guerrilla effort against us, gaining in so many ways for itself at our expense).

This article at The Resurgent by Steve Berman is infused with the hand-wringing sentiment.  We wonder if the free traders really want free trade and no tariffs anywhere (and negotiations and consequences to produce it) or are content with no tariffs by the US (they hurt us don’t you know) as certain countries with no good will towards us eat our lunch, sneaking it here and there.

Read his concerns:

Trump’s China Trade War Brings Terrible News for Farmers
China’s move creates a hidden tariff on U.S. agriculture that they aren’t paying. Does Trump think China will starve without American agriculture? The rest of the world will adjust, even if it means higher prices for China. I sure hope he wins soon, don’t you?

And kindly consider our response

If nothing else the lede makes a key point. The world will adjust. Who is selling to China – other members of the world. China is or will be paying more by directly blocking the US imports. But will the Chinese or the rest of the world be going without US ag products in perpetuity? Will China allow the game of buying from say Australia or Brazil or ACME Grain and Soybean Worldwide Inc. all of which had contracts to fulfill with others elsewhere? So then they either fill those with US grown ag products OR re-container the US products and ship them to China.

Assuming China wants to eat at the same level, and because it can’t make more land, equilibrium will largely be reached for US farmers because of the fungibility of world markets fostered by bulk transportation. China needs to be taught a lesson – want stable prices and supply . . . implement fair and honest trading practices. However undesirable, tariffs are open and honest compared to the costs surreptitiously imposed on US consumers and businesses, and our sovereignty, by China’s manipulative and thieving policies. There ultimately is a cost of China’s will to hegemony.

Side note

The Resurgent, is an offshoot of Redstate, both of which were started by Erick Erickson. It is good to know that Erickson a one-time anybody but Trump sort of conservative (he was part of “The Resistance”) who snidely denigrated Trump and his supporters at many a turn, has grown to appreciate Trump for what he has genuinely accomplished for conservatism.

As we have with some effort kept in touch with his transformation including noting some months ago that he  indicated he will vote for Trump and now we see this week he is saying he will donate (again) to Trump’s campaign in response to Democrat calumny and race-baiting (see link:  Hey Joaquin Castro, You Inspired Me to Donate More to Donald Trump).

Good for you Erick, we had our own concerns and even expressed snideness over Trump’s treatment of Ted Cruz, but got over them in the face of Hillary and with confidence in others who assured us about Trump, and after attending a rally and coming to understand Trump’s persona, in a matter of days.

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