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Birthright citizenship? A key limiting phrase in 14th Amendment . . .

AND subject to the jurisdiction thereof . . . Not to mention the stated intent of the authors (see our bold below) Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley fudges a bit saying there are strong arguments on both sides. He really … Continue reading

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They paved paradise and put up homeless tents

Democrat policies have consequences The LA petri dish: pestilence, tuberculosis, plague, typhus, typhoid fever, parasites, cholera accompanying the drug use and other rampant crime HP sends reference to this item with a comment: Demonrats at work and instead of changing … Continue reading

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Isn’t this house number four for Barack* and Michelle?

*Going back to Barry as he grew up is just toooo pedestrian or something, especially for this neighborhood Let’s see now: Chicago, Hawaii, DC and now “Martha’s” KK sends us this tidbit via TMZ and a comment: Barack and Michelle … Continue reading

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