The Pope Francis “doctrine”

~~ If you like your Catholic faith, you can keep your Catholic faith”… as long as you don’t “obsess” over things like abortion at the expense of ‘climate change’, socialism, and open borders.~~

A ‘harsh’ and a ‘dishonest portrayal’ of this ‘humble Man of God’?

Don’t think so. Pope Francis has been outspoken about his disdain for capitalism, has blamed The United States for all the ..misfortune that has befallen Latin America, has ’embraced’ prominent international Communist figures and leftist dictators ( i.e., the Castros, Bolivia’s Evo Morales*…shown presenting Pope Francis with a “memento”).

He has also chastised Catholics for their “obsessing” about the evils of abortion and presumably insufficiently concerned about ‘climate change’.

Francis has been openly critical of President Trump for any effort to enforce immigration law.      DLH

And he has seen his efforts reflected in professors teaching at Catholic institutions:

Catholic Priest Claims Climate Change, Not Killing Babies in Abortions, the Biggest Pro-Life Issue 

You can infer the logic of his argument as anything that allegedly threatens to immediately make the planet uninhabitable is a priority.  Any claim to that as regards climate change is as nutty as the young professor. Never mind the definitive demonstrable ongoing devastation of human life through abortion and euthanasia.  The logic of such teaching invites “the sky is falling” one upmanship, however tenuous.  Nuclear war, other WMD’s, astroid collision, pandemic, well the priest has a lot of band wagons to promote however obtuse the logic as applied or the equivalent consequences to human life compared to removing the right to life.   Anything to promote one-world government.

And the key thing this actually un-woke cassocked clown misses — if you do not have a right to life, you do not have a right to anything else on this earth or of this earth.  Abortion is the ecological devastation of the womb which is of this earth, as humans are. First things first, the right to life.

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*At the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump has learned what the world thinks of him.

First, the Assembly laughed when he celebrated his administration’s achievements. Later, Bolivian President Evo Morales blasted the Trump administration’s policies.

“The United States does not care for democracy,”*  Morales said, as President Trump sat a couple of seats down. “The United States does not care for human rights or justice.”

And he didn’t stop there. Morales criticized the Trump Administration’s decision to pull away from the United Nations Human Rights Council and its threats toward democratically elected governments in Latin America. The Bolivian president spoke out against the United States for promoting the use of torture in the past and for separating children from their parents at the US-Mexico border. As part of his speech at the General Assembly’s Security Council meeting, Morales additionally denounced the Trump Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for opting out of the Paris Accord on climate change.

The Bolivian president – its first Indigenous leader – highlighted the steps the country has taken against US military bases and control. “In Bolivia, we have gotten rid of US military bases and aid,” Morales said. “Now, Bolivia is an example for the region and for the world, we have one of the fastest-growing economies in the region.”

In the video, Trump, who’s not a Spanish speaker, does not wear translation aid headphones as he looks directly at Morales. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo listens closely to Morales’ comments through the headphones.

*”Does not care for democracy” now that is rich coming from Morales. As the Encyclopedia Britannica informs us  :

. . . in February 2016 Bolivians rejected (by a vote of about 51 percent to 49 percent) a constitutional change that would have allowed Morales to run for another term as president in 2019.

Morales appeared to be resigned to the results, but in September 2017 the MAS (Bolivian Socialist party Morales leads) asked the constitutional court to remove term limits for the presidency, and in November the court did just that. In December 2018 the Supreme Electoral Court upheld that decision, prompting widespread street protests but paving the way for Morales to run for reelection in 2019.  . . .


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  1. DLH says:

    Sad that Francis did not join the other Democrats on CNN’s “Climate Change Telethon” (a latter day CNN version of ‘Jerry’s Kids’). Il Papa could have shared his favorite idea for saving the planet…confiscate all air conditioners…except of course his own and those of other Democrats who must not become overheated while contemplating other big ideas.

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