JUSTICE in Washington (It’s all about the Denizens*)

A little sad about getting caught . . . but oh well, off to the Hamptons

JUSTICE in Washington: a lucrative gig on CNN or MSNBC; GO FUND ME DONATIONS; a $2 million Book Deal; $Millions in net worth –safe from punitive fines; lifetime “Celebrity status” among the “Beautiful People”…

In other words…’let history be the judge’…that is, for people like Hillary, Comey, McCabe;

for ‘losers’ like You and Me… jail, crushing fines, disgrace, bankruptcy…

– Former FBI Director James Comey is on the talk show circuit promoting A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, the new book for which he reportedly struck a $2 million deal. He and his wife enjoy a $14 million net worth

– McCabe is signed on with CNN as a “contributor”; took in over half million from his “GoFundMe” page for his ‘potential’ legal expenses

– Brennan and Clapper, one a premier schemer, the other likely the dumbest guy to ever head our National Security apparatus have sweet deals with leftist cable networks

– Meanwhile, there’s the disturbingly unjust treatment of General Flynn, and others, closely or hardly associated with President Trump, also unjustly treated, lives in ruin, guilty of nothing criminal.    DLH


 Chaffetz and Gowdy Discuss the Likelihood of Justice for Comey   (bold our emphasis)

(FoxNews): After a brief, verbal man-hug about how much they loved serving with each other in Congress, Chaffetz teed up Republican Trey Gowdy for a response by noting that James Comey was not charged for leaking. The I.G. merely reprimanded Comey for offering a “dangerous example” for FBI employees. Chaffetz wondered if justice is being done, since another person leaking such information would likely be in handcuffs.

Gowdy’s response was ambivalent. Here was the exchange (bolding added for emphasis).

Chaffetz: “Is lady justice being fair and right here (in Comey not going to jail) and is he being held accountable here?”

Gowdy: “Well, Jason, I’m very sensitive to that. When our fellow citizens think we have a two-track justice system, either for the famous or the not famous, or the rich or the poor, we’re in trouble as a Republic. I would tell my fellow citizens this: We have to have other ways of meting out accountability other than simply indictments.

You know, Hillary Clinton was never indicted. She was never charged; therefore, never guilty of a crime, but yet the American jury in 2016 meted out a consequence.

Jim Comey, whether he likes it or not, all of his past in the Southern District of New York, all of his past at main justice, all of his time as FBI Director, some of which I agreed with—all of that will be forgotten.

God in history will be all of our judges, but they will judge Jim Comey based on the fact that he got dinged on both of the major investigations he was handling in 2016 by the Inspector General. That will be the accountability, that’s what history will remember about Jim Comey.” 

Gowdy, although no longer a Republican Congressman, represents the mindset of Republicans who, like Karl Rove and Mitt Romney, think the best resolution to bring justice to the conspirators behind the three-year Trump-Russia Collusion fraud is to let history be the judge.

But history is seldom impartial. It’s usually written by the winners of a conflict. And it can take decades for the true winners to surface.

Plus, history is no dispenser of justice. It’s commentary on the past. It can not always be trusted to be fair, complete, or accurate. We study history from a variety of angles, and determine for ourselves what likely happened. And, if we weren’t there, that’s the best we can do.

Gowdy’s most accurate statement has nothing to do with history, and everything to do with current reality.

“When our fellow citizens think we have a two-track justice system, either for the famous or the not famous, or the rich or the poor, we’re in trouble as a Republic.”

Mr. Gowdy, that “When” of which you speak, sir, is now.

Gingrich: “It’s clear that no matter how bad they were, the fix is in and they’re not going to be prosecuted.”


Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich argued that it is not “conceivable” for neither former President Barack Obama nor his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to not know the FBI was spying on the Donald Trump campaign.

Gingrich told host John Catsimatidis after the recent release of the Department of Justice’s inspector general report that it is “clear” the fix was in and those involved will not be prosecuted.

“With everything we’re learning from the inspector general‘s report, how is it conceivable that the attorney general and the president didn’t know about it?” asked Gingrich. “So, part 1 is to go back and look at 2015, 2016, and ask, given what a hands-on and dynamic president that Barack Obama was, do you really believe all these things happened and the attorney general and the president didn’t know it?”

He continued, “Part 2 … there’s a story that the woman who tried to bribe her son into a university, that she and her husband got caught, that they’re now facing 40 years in jail. Now, how can we not prosecute Comey? How can we not prosecute McCabe? How can we say that they’ve done all the terrible things that the inspector general said they did, but they’re somehow above the law? People are not going to have any faith in the system until people who are guilty are prosecuted and are treated like everybody else. People are not going to have any faith in the system. … It’s clear that no matter how bad they were, the fix is in and they’re not going to be prosecuted.”

* with absolutely no apologies to Ilhan Omar and things being “all about the Benjamins”

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