Red flag actual political violence when it occurs, not guns

  • Take perps off the streets for their history of political violence
  • Too cowardly for a gunfight anyway (Col. Colt made people equal – can’t have that) so they go for the sucker punch*
  • If they have guns send the guns to a good home
  • Appeals court judge issues sound equal justice ruling (highlighted in red)

Appeals Court Judge Says Not So Fast on Pathetic 30-Day Sentence for Rand Paul’s Politically Motivated Attacker


Here’s the first guy who should get “red flagged”. He’s obviously unstable, has anger issues, and has already blatantly attacked a  living symbol (a sitting U S Congressman) of America’s democracy!

Contrary to the punchlines of late-night comics, the attack that Rand Paul suffered back in 2017 when his neighbor tackled him over landscaping disagreements was not funny at all. The crime left Paul with major complications including recurring bouts of pneumonia after damage to his lungs, and multiple surgeries including a partial lung removal and corrective surgery on a hernia. It isn’t a stretch to say that Senator Paul could have died. The attack was severe and the damage has been long-lasting.

U.S. District Judge Marianne Battani was the sentencing judge who opined that the attack was “dispute between neighbors” and claimed it was not motivated by politics. She took into consideration that Boucher was a veteran, involved in community service, a church-goer with college degrees and an advanced medical career to impose the light sentence. Unfortunately for her, the appeals judge, Judge Jane B. Stranch, disagreed, saying those facts are “almost all disfavored as grounds for a below-guidelines sentence.” Then she hit the defense with jaw-dropping rationale, not often seen in our courts.

“To prioritize a defendant’s education, professional success and standing in the community would give an additional leg up to defendants who are already in a privileged position…Indigent defendants are less likely to impress a sentencing court with their education, employment record or local reputation. But they are no less deserving of a reasonable and compassionate sentence.”

We think the ruling sound as regards below-guidelines sentencing, prior convictions are another matter.

Next candidates for “red flag” sanctions? every member of the violent ‘Antifa’ organization…(talk about ‘mental instability’ and ‘anger issues’!)      DLH

Note these two were faced by a mob of young punk Antifa. One Antifa punk, figuring the rest had his back and would pile on, took a swing. We only wish the “Repent” fellow, who did cock his arm but held back, had imparted a more pointed lesson.  Thanks to HP for the vid subject.   R Mall

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