Hang in there Joe, we are with ya

Goodwin: It’s time for Joe Biden to drop out of the race 


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Flickering for Ol’ Joe but we still have hope

“Yes, yes, I’m aware that he’s the front-runner for the Democrats’ nomination and that front-runners never exit voluntarily. But I’m also aware that Biden knows something else, too: that growing concerns about his mental and physical capacity are legitimate.

“He also must know that he and his team are not fooling anyone with claims that all is well. His rivals, initially reticent to go there, are now willing to raise the fitness issue.” September 15, 2019, By Michael Goodwin at the NY Post

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YES, MICHAEL;, WE KNOW ALL OF THAT. That’s why “Joe” has Veritaspac’s endorsement. He embodies everything the Democratic Party stands for: an inexplicable wackiness that, if it ever again comes to power in America, this country will never be the same…a beacon of freedom and opportunity, and honest compassion…all gone!
Joe and his Party stand for none of this, “Hell, yes, we’ll take your guns…”; “You like your health care, you can keep it…”; etc, etc

With Joe at the head of their ticket, ridicule and resounding, well-deserved defeat are assured for the “Democratic Socialist Party of America”.
You Go, Joe!!   DLH

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