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  • Anonymouse sources from the Deep State

Sept. 26, 2019, By Shannon Pettypiece, Kristen Welker, Hallie Jackson and Carol E. Lee

Trusted inside source

– “White House officials were scrambling Thursday to figure out how to counter the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, with one source familiar with the situation describing a sense of “total panic” over the past week at the lack of a plan to address the new reality.”

– “There appears to be rising “anxiety, unease, and concern” — as one person close to the White House described the mood in the West Wing — “There’s not a lot of confidence that there’s no there there,” this person said.”

– “White House officials remained unsure of how to proceed, not only because there is no apparent plan to deal with the situation, but because the allegations are so serious that the usual methods the president has used to successfully escape past controversies may not apply: “This doesn’t look like something that’s going to be overtaken by the next news cycle,” the person said.”

– “For a president whose brand is viewed as strength, Wednesday’s press conference made him look defeated, said one person familiar with the situation.”


Assured that an NBC crack reporter with the name of “Pettypiece” is on the case, Never-Trumpers, demented Democrats, and the Global Left are delirious today that, after several bad experiences with “Political Erectile Dysfunction” (PED), they are convinced that this time, it’ll ‘stay up’. Their resolve has been ‘hardened’!

This time, they may be right, confirming our fears that Trump may have outwitted himself. On the other hand, they may be very wrong…again.

We have been steadfast in our reluctance to criticize President Trump’s keen strategic mind. Like him or not, even his enemies must admit that, sometimes Trump’s moves in his battle of wits with his bitter opponents have seemed a little counterintuitive, but ultimately have been highly effective… more often than not.

But our concern has had do with the mountain of highly credible evidence of the abject corruption that permeated the Obama administration throughout its 8 years. Real evidence has been uncovered that shows the corruption was so extensive that it very nearly overturned a valid election and has continued to threaten the overthrow of the federal government.

President Trump had promised to release this evidence for all of the American people to see and understand how close our nation came to its transformation from a free society into a socialist/communist dictatorship!

Our fear has been that Mr. Trump was stubbornly maintaining that there were enough honorable people still within America’s national security and law enforcement apparatus that this evidence would be properly processed, its accuracy verified, and done so in a timely fashion in order to avert further damage to the national interest.

We feared that the President’s trust was sorely misplaced. The corruption of America’s most vital agencies, the FBI, the CIA, the entire National Security apparatus, an entire major political party and even key parts of the president’s own political party have been compromised…not only over the 8 years prior to his election, but, slowly, over many years and decades before that.

We may well be seeing our worst fears become a reality! The evidence, so vital, not just for President Trump’s continued tenure in office and reelection in 2020, but to the future of America, is in the hands of the Justice dept., including the FBI, for their “review”, supposedly to insure that no information, vital to national security would be revealed in releasing it.

Apparently, they are taking their time…to be ‘extra careful’, no doubt.

Our concern is, when they get done ( and no one seems to know when), will there be so many ‘redactions” and “holds” on the information as to render it useless in informing the American people.

We don’t believe that we are among only a few Americans who have no trust in our nation’s top law enforcement agency, nor our national security apparatus. We have even less trust in the nation’s press, and no confidence whatever that they would carry out their Constitutionally protected obligation to inform the people and to exert maximum pressure on governmental institutions that refuse to.

Read the NBC story, it is typical, and we’re confident that, unless you’ve succumbed to the misinformation and false media presentations which have flooded America for generations, you will share our concerns.   DLH

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