Congress has more “quid pro quo” going on than you can shake a stick at

The “whistle blower” accusations against President Trump re Ukraine are that he made requests that involved political or policy “quid pro quo”. Even if that were true and actionable as a matter of impeachment then what the hell is legislative logrolling? Dictionaries and encyclopedias have the answer… Those cloakroom discussions have more scandals brewing, more “quid pro quo” than you can shake a stick at.

Further, what the hell is going on during Wednesday and Friday super secret “judicial conferences” https://supremecourthistory… perhaps skullduggery the people need to know about as essentially Constitutional “interpretations” are traded back and forth.

Shall we mention The Fed as well?

All of these “institutions” involve political and policy horse trading that can be interpreted as gainful for one entity at the expense of another — or the happy face spin of “negotiation”.  The MO is the same – you don’t get all or some of what you want unless I get all or some of what I want.

Frankly members of Congress can more credibly be accused of engaging in political and pecuniary quid pro quo as it seems they always are in pursuit of re-election (no term limits for them) and most seem to be a hell of a lot better off than their salaries would indicate or their net worth when they got elected.

Supreme Court transparency

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