Quad-Cities José Martí Memorial Brigade to form and fight with Kurdish Marxists in Syria

The group is unfortunately handicapped by its opposition to civilian ownership of guns of any effective sort and advocacy of huge reductions to the US military out of social justice concerns. Its long established battle cry of “not our sons and daughters” probably is still operative however. It is expected that in case they cannot quite get up to brigade strength a Che Guevera Memorial Commando Squad formed from the leadership of the sponsoring organizations will embark with all deliberate speed.

Folks, the satire practically writes itself on this matter. Here is the story apparently from a press release issued by the usual leftist cells operating in the Quad Cities and their scribe, the QC Times. (excerpt)

A prayer vigil will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 2400 Middle Road, Bettendorf, to show solidarity with the Kurdish people who — after years of fighting alongside American troops to combat ISIS in the Middle East — have been left to fend for themselves in the recent pullout of American forces.

Representatives of the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, One Human Family QCA, Progressive Action for the Common Good and Quad-Cities Interfaith invite every concerned citizen to “A Prayer and Reflection Vigil: Standing with the Kurds in Crisis.”    . . .

“We call upon our government to honor its alliance with the Kurds, defend them in their time of need and demonstrate the humanitarian values which are the hallmarks of America,” Karp said. “There is power in numbers, so we ask everyone to join us for this important vigil.”

The Kurds fought alongside American forces, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Kurdish soldiers.

In October, American forces were ordered out of the area of Syria that the jihadist organization once controlled, leaving the Kurdish people there alone to defend themselves against forces from neighboring Turkey whose government views them as terrorists.

The Kurds are faced with a massive humanitarian crisis and a battle for their very survival, Karp said. The Kurdish people are an ethnic group totaling millions of people who mainly inhabit a mountainous region along the borders of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia.

The idea for a holding a community response to this crisis arose during a One Human Family members meeting last week.

“Wanting whatever we did to be a cooperative effort with the other Quad-Cities social justice organizations, we brought it to the Quad-Cities Interfaith Faith Leaders Caucus,” Karp said.

“All felt that we needed to do a vigil and do it soon, considering how quickly events are taking place. A planning committee was formed with representatives of each of the sponsoring organizations and the vigil was set for this Sunday,” he said.

Of course the Kurds in Syria, the group that the group comfortably here is concerned about, is as we have commented on previously a Marxist lot associated with a Kurdish Marxist terrorist organization operating in Turkey. Forgive us if the Marxist aspect does not inspire the QC social justice warriors as the article fails to mention. The QC group’s hurry to get in the news, (facilitated by the QCT of course) has regrettably been eclipsed by events including a cease fire that Trump has held the Turk’s to, appreciated by the Syrian Kurds in question, and oh yes, the elimination of key leadership of ISIS, the reason our small contingent of troops was there.

Our illustrious senior editor writes in red:

The stunning hypocrisy of the religious left in the QC is laid bare for all to see.

a) Using their own words, a case can be made that the US “fought alongside the” Kurds to rid the Kurdish territory of ISIS, rather than the way the way Rabbi Karp puts it: “After years of fighting alongside American troops to combat ISIS in the Middle East…”, adding, “American troops have left the area of Syria that the jihadist organization once controlled, leaving the Kurdish people there alone to defend themselves against forces from neighboring Turkey…”.

In other words, President Trump sent troops to Syria in order to fight with the Kurds and rid their territory of ISIS, as well as destroy ISIS presence in the Middle East. Having done that, is it not appropriate to thus leave Syria and allow it to return to whatever the status quo before ISIS entered the picture?

The joint effort by US forces and Kurdish fighters was one of mutual benefit. Kurds wanted ISIS out of their territory. US wanted ISIS destroyed. Whatever the status in the Middle East was before ISIS, one in fairness must ask what responsibility does that place on the US? I see none!

b) It is the religious left who, as a general principle, opposes US involvement in wars and in use of American troops in fighting anywhere in the world.

What exactly are they “praying and reflecting” in favor of? Returning troops to Syria, “to fight alongside Kurdish fighters” to oppose the Turkish invasion? And to do this because the US helped the Kurds get ISIS out of their ‘territory’?

c) Perhaps the “vigil”, instead hopes to inject US forces into every land where people are oppressed and persecuted and their claimed territory is invaded?

If that’s it, it’s going to take a whole lot of ‘prayer and reflection’ and the plucky social justice ‘warriors’ had better ‘suit up’ to join with the US forces they wish to deploy to wherever they see ‘injustice’, oppression, and ‘humanitarian crisis’.

That One Human Family’s “Planning Committee” better get to work, ’cause “praying and reflection”” alone isn’t going to get it done!

There are some questions that come to mind that we would like the organizers and attendees to respond to out of their concern for world-wide social justice and all:  How many troops should we send – and pray tell what should our force projection take the form of tanks, airstrikes? And, in pacifying villages, do we knock first in rooting out ISIS?  By the way, since the group is on a stop-the-oppression-world-wide binge — when do we liberate Hong Kong, not to mention China, Iran, Venezuela, conservatives in California?

Besides the auto-desire to help Marxists, we see what is going on here, the aggravating condition:  Trump derangement syndrome is in evidence

  • Often associated with hyper-hypocriticalism
  • It is a disease definitively progressive – symptoms include:
  • Knees jerk at every announced Trump policy
  • Glazed eyes and mutterings . . . Orange Man policies bad . . . must resist . . . must resist


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PS: A delicious counter protest to their meeting might include singing our revision to the  anti-Vietnam-war song we highlighted here.

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