So why aren’t “progressives” praising Trump for Syria draw-down?

  • Seems pretty much like mission accomplished for what Obama started and couldn’t get done

Associate Editor Gene M sends the reminder set forth below about the Progressive Action for the Common Good “back in the day”.  They are one of the organizers of the  “keep us in Syria” vigil to be held today (see previous posts). The little preening even* is also co-sponsored by the Bishop of  Davenport.  The prog group opposed intervention in Syria in 2013 during the Obama administration. Now they are holding a vigil in opposition to a draw down from the area – go figure.

One might presume that they were being consistent in their opposition to our military involvement in the Middle East but we are not so sure they were ever consistent when it came to Obama.  We can only surmise that some-how they got shamed into that little protest back then.**  QC Online article.

Q-C protesters say UN should handle Syria’s Assad, not US


About 35 protesters with the Progressive Action for the Common Good gathered along West Central Park Avenue at VanderVeer Park in Davenport, Sunday, in hopes to convince legislators on both sides of the river to keep the U.S. from taking military action in Syria.

Bill Sherwood said the majority of people passing by were in favor of keeping the U.S. out of involvement in Syria.

Mr. Sherwood said Progressive Action for the Common Good has been organizing similar peace protests for the past eight years and rarely has seen the majority of the traffic supporting the action.

“The support’s been outstanding,” Mr. Sherwood said. “I think it’s easy to say people in the middle of America isn’t interested in getting involved in another middle east war. I think people are sick of war.”

Mr. Sherwood said even limited action, like drone strikes or a missile attack, would be “starting down a path” that leads to more involvement in Syria.

In August, rebels in Syria’s civil war accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad forces of using chemical weapons in an attack that killed more than 300 people near Damascus. President Barack Obama called for a limited strike to degrade Assad’s chemical weapons capability.Congress will be meeting to discuss what the U.S. should do in Syria.

Mr. Sherwood wants the UN to deal with Assad and try him as a war criminal in a world court.

Caryn Unsicker, Silvis, said military intervention in Syria could extend the economic problems the country faces.

“I think people are tired of war, tired of this economic mess we’ve been in,” she said.

Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba said Assad is a war criminal but he presents no direct threat to the people of the U.S.

“What the U.S. should do is a lead a worldwide effort to bring Assad before the International Criminal Court of Justice where he could be dealt with as a criminal with appropriate action to follow.” Mr. Gluba said.

* these folks are usually short on candle power (in more ways than one). A vigil in our mind brings up the specter of an ongoing presence at a place chosen to commemorate something and which is not ended until the goal is achieved or the goal made impossible. They must expect a lot to happen in the hour or two they will be there before moving on.

**not even close to this long ago . . .

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