Breaking: Revelations about Davenport School Board from QC Times

This QC Times article reports on the transcripts of  Davenport School Board recorded minutes regarding the sale of Lincoln School.  Incumbent candidates seeking reelection Daniel Gosa and Linda Hayes (among others) are exposed for their biases and failures to protect taxpayer interests.

Lincoln School sale: Two Davenport School Board members said they might have conflicts of interest, but proceeded anyway   (excerpt)

According to the audio, Hayes’ employment was also noted as a potential problem at the last meeting before the district approved the offer from her employer.

On June 3 — more than a year after Hayes she first mentioned the conflict — TJ Schneckloth, then–interim superintendent, told Johanson he should “probably ask about Linda” when he talked to the district’s legal counsel.

“I think it’s an issue of not voting,” Johanson said, without mentioning Hayes’ participation in each of the six closed meetings where her employer was discussed.

Hayes indicated she would not vote, and she didn’t. But her input was used to help build the board’s consensus; she questioned Maloney as to why Third Baptist’s informal offer hadn’t been brought to the board; she participated in a discussion of the church’s financial wherewithal to take on the project; she publicly endorsed Together’s plan for the property before the vote; and she made the motion to proceed with the vote on the sale.

Read entire article for more depth.

V’PAC note: Hayes fellow Democrat Gosa voted outright for the cheap sale.  Both are up for election Tuesday.

V’PAC supports candidates Gene Guy, Mark Holloway and Kent Paustian.

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