Leftist mindset: if it’s not hypocrisy it’s a mental disease

  • (or maybe just evil duplicity)
  • More of the button logic of libs below

I love how local progs have tried to frame their narrative. Instead of saying, “Keep our troops fighting in Syria,” they say, “We must protect the Kurds.” It’s like saying “I’m not shooting cats, I’m saving songbirds.”

It’s said the Good Lord turned water into wine. Hatred for President Trump turns peace-makers into war-mongers. “It’s a miracle!”

What got me looking into the archives was Caryn Unsicker’s recent letter in The Dispatch https://qconline.com/opinion/letters/letter-country-crumbles-under-trump-presidency/article_7ab30273-bd51-593b-bcca-3897c6118d7d.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-siderail-latest.

Her topic sentence was a perfect example of an insult looking for a subject.

“Of all the destructive things our thin-skinned, narcissistic, racist, corrupt, morally bankrupt president has ever done, none has been more egregious than… (insert outrage du jour)”

I was aware Ms. Unsicker’s been a long-time anti-war activist. I figured her deceptively worded call for war was nothing more than rationalizing her hypocrisy to herself.

Gene Mattecheck, Jr.

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    Roger, a while back, I was listening to WOC 1420. Jim Fisher’s topic was the denial of Communion to Biden. A caller’s voice reminded me of you.

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