Chart of Democrats approach to transparency and fair-play

This chart accurately describes the House Democrats Star Chamber proceedings aimed against Trump.  The Democrats have to proceed this way because Trump has done nothing wrong regarding Ukraine, indeed he has proceeded with integrity.  There has been neither “quid-pro-quo” or whatever the Democrats latest invented offense.

Below the chart are some links to substantiate its content. Also included is a video content from Republican’s revealing Democrat unfairness, fraudulence, subterfuge, deception.

Via  HP

Schiff’s Democrats plot a secret impeachment, with leaks

Republicans have a list of gripes about Adam Schiff’s handling of the House impeachment inquiry 

Jim Jordan Rips Adam Schiff for Blocking Witness Impeachment Testimony

Top impeachment committee Republicans to Schiff: Bring in the whistleblower

David Bossie: Republicans right to protest Adam Schiff’s impeachment witch hunt against Trump

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