Will there be an earthly reckoning?

  • Remember dlh, he warned of the deep-states ability to manipulate and otherwise spin matters to protect themselves and their turf
  • It will take Trump’s reelection to continue to root them out and de-fang them
  • They will be maniacal in opposition

BUZZKILL? The NYT’s latest on the IG report (IF TRUE) is not what Trump supporters were hoping for

I.e.: “In broad terms, the report refutes accusations of a political conspiracy by sr law enforcement officials against the Trump campaign to favor Hillary Clinton, while also knocking the bureau for procedural shortcomings, said the officials.” On balance. “a mixed assessment.”

On the other hand . . . and recognizing the above was a NYT/WaPo  report

‘Mueller’s team would’ve known’: Techno Fog’s thread on FBI official who allegedly altered doc makes Deep State look even worse

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  1. DLH says:

    Once again, the IG just couldn’t find, or even imagine, there could be any political bias.
    Just a few low, low, low level employees made a couple mistakes, but don’t worry. Everything was done properly.

    Hats off to all those very competent, hardworking, no nonsense, patriotic FBI leaders.

    Now settle McCabe’s ‘wrongful discharge’ lawsuit, hire him back, promote him, and get him started investigating Trump for …anything he can think of. “Making America Great Again”, one crooked FBI leader at a time!

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