“If you can’t beat em, call ’em a cult”

We have heard the denunciation from the left about Trump supporters, referring to us as a cult because nothing THEY say affects our support.  Seriously half the nation is in a cult? OK, but that makes knee jerk liberals one crazed group of SOBs

We have decided to embrace it and if tee-shirts and other identifying memorabilia are available – we’re in!

Via Gary Bauer: at Campaign for Working families

Who’s In A Cult?

The media are furious that Trump’s conservative base won’t crack and abandon the president.  So, now they are referring to Trump supporters as a “cult-like group.” because, after all, who wants to be in a cult? 
Once again, the left is trying to demonize conservatives.  You’ve been called “deplorable and irredeemable.”  You’ve been called “Nazis,” “bigots” and “alt-right.”  Now you’re members of a cult.
Describing half the country as a cult is really rich.  But I can think of all kinds of things on the left that are cult-like. 
The transgender movement denies science and demands that all of society bend to its wishes by insisting that we call some men “women” or vice versa.  And if you don’t think that “men” can have babies, these so-called “progressives” insist that you should lose your job.
While millions of people are concerned about the environment, the cult of climate change is a religion to many on the left.  Like the doomsday cultists of recent years, they are constantly telling us when the world will end, usually in 12 years.  And yet all of their alarmist predictions have been wildly wrong.  Why do we keep listening to these people?! 
Again, my friends, it’s not just that the left hates Donald Trump.  The left hates YOU and everything you stand for.  Wear that hatred as a badge of honor, but never forget what the left intends to do if it regains power in 2020.

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