Happy Thanksgiving to all

Thanksgiving day in so many ways is about freedom.  Pilgrims came here seeking it.  It was officially recognized in the midst of the Civil War, a fight about freedom. To be sure it is mostly about thankfulness for the abundance we have received as a nation and as families and individually, from God’s grace.  It also reflects humility — gratefulness in spite of tribulations.

As with Columbus Day – America haters want to denigrate the day, disparaging pretty much everything about the remembrance as exploitative, racist, stultifyingly religious, even murderous.

Well in anticipation of a delightful feast and not wanting to sit down with residual indigestion, we will leave the pithy responses to the day’s detractors and kill-joys to three columnists at Townhall.  They no doubt wrote their commentaries yesterday in order to avoid the same problem or not have to think of the nincompoops this day.

Kurt Schlichter is always good for a palliative purge

I Am Thankful For Many Things, Especially The Things That Make Stupid People Sad

Derek Hunter, in a similar vein helps clear the palate

Things to Be Thankful For

And from Ann Coulter, who can issue some overripe gratuitous comments, nevertheless we thank for setting forth a little reminder as to why the Pilgrims were thankful for their scalps that first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving for Dummies…Sorry, I Mean College Professors

Happy Thanksgiving from V’PAC

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