About some of the usual suspects

Is there a person of lower character in the entire U.S. Senate than Dick Durbin (D,IL)?

CNN Newsroom:‏Verified”  ” Attorney General Barr “has virtually disqualified himself to be the kind of person we expect to stand back and make sure that justice is served,” @SenatorDurbin says when asked if Barr should step down or be impeached. https://cnn account

 Is there a person of lower intelligence in the entire U. S. Congress than Maxine Waters (D, CA) (Whom Trump has dubbed “Low I.Q. Maxine”)?

If you answered “Adam Schiff” to either of these questions, it does not count.

Schiff is in a class by himself! He is far too dishonest to be excused by his very low intelligence; and the depth of his very low intelligence makes him ineligible for any competitive match; Waters still reigns in the low intelligence category because Mr. Schiff has received (from us) the “Lifetime Idiocy and Lack of Positive Achievement” award” and is thus no longer eligible to compete for further such “low intelligence honors”.

This used to be known as “damning with faint praise”:

We believe there should be a special place of honor in our “Hall of of Shameful Antics”. If there were, a category of “Cheap Shots and Really Sleazy Journalistic Mugging”, this one would be included:

This a Wall Street Journal writer would be eligible for immediate introduction into the ‘Hall” based on Wednesday’s column.

Holman Jenkins is the writer. And it should be noted that he is no fan of President Trump. In his column Jenkins details how the Inspector General’s report on how horrifically bungled and dishonest the FBI’s handling of the “investigation” of the Trump campaign was (“The Horowitz Horror Show”)!

Jenkins writes how Horowitz has compiled a report so “factually damning” of the FBI’s investigation from start (the FiSA fraud) to finish (the Mueller fiasco) that the conclusion that it was based on “political bias” is virtually inescapable .

Yet, in concluding his column, Mr. Jenkins could not resist taking a characteristic cheap shot at the President: “…nothing is surprising here (the report’s exposure of the FBI’s efforts to destroy the Trump campaign, and, administration), but (he writes) it raises a question: ‘Why are we impeaching Donald Trump when the people trying to remove him are no better than he is?”

“No better than he is”!!

How disgusting! Jenkins has just detailed how sleazy, dishonest, incompetent, and totally unprofessional was the behavior of the FBI, the press, and opposition political actors, but then must be sure that nobody thinks Donald Trump was a anything more than a deserving victim!!!!

We think that one is an ‘award winner”!


About the FBI achieving usual suspect status

As the DOJ IG’s report is being subject to hearings in the Senate Judiciary committee this week, there is one aspect of the report that rather intrigues us:

“The DOJ watchdog is known to have criminally referred only one FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, who has since left the bureau, for altering an email that was used by officials as they prepared an application renewal to present before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

What is intriguing to us is related to the meme that the American public is subjected to over and over in the course of this entire matter concerning the FBI’s behavior in its investigation of the Trump campaign and presidency.

The IG’s report is very critical of that agency’s handling of the investigation; but how often do we hear that all of the bungling, missteps, sloppy work related to it is the fault and responsibility of the top levels of the FBI…not ever anything untoward as far as the “36,000 rank and file, hardworking, dedicated employees who put their lives on the line to preserve America’s way of life, yada, yada…” is suggested?

And yet, the only “criminal referral” that the IG found to be justified is that of a “relatively low level FBI employee way down in the ranks of the Bureau…Kevin Clinesmith…”.

Isn’t it fair to thus conclude that it was the “top-level of the FBI” who corrupted Mr. Clinesmith?

And, if so, isn’t it likely that there are others, perhaps many others at levels of the “hardworking, dedicated, etc, rank and file” who may also have been corrupted by the “top levels”?

And…if also true, how can the American people know how many of the “rank and file” employees among the 36,000 have also been corrupted. It is, after all, fair to assume there are quite a few who were hired and promoted by the ‘bungling, incompetent, and, from their exposed communications, ‘hatred of the current president’-motivated top level ?

I’ve seen few, if any former FBI personnel at any level take on in a high-profile way the incompetence and apparent wrongly-motivated actions of their bureaus. Few “guest appearances” on what the Obama administration had done to their proud former employer.

Go figure.              dlh

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