Noon today- support Trump at Loebsack office

Word is that there will be a demonstration by Trump supporters, sponsored by Women for Trump,  in front of Congressman Loebsacks’s office in Davenport beginning at noon today probably for < an hour. Dress warm. Approximate location 200 block of West 4th Street. If there is one at Bustos’ office across the river that would be good.

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    I must have had my camera on pause. Had nothing. I’m not exactly sure what I witnessed today. A cluster-f*ck arranged spur of the moment? A spontaneous “rally” that fell apart? Sabotage of the Schilling campaign? I got the word through a FB Trump ad. Was the invite legit? was there someone filming, hoping to get a provoked fight? I called Fisher before 5 and posited the whole thing was a total set-up from the start.

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