Huber Who?

Justice Dept. Winds Down Clinton-related Inquiry “Found Nothing of Consequence”

“Huber’s tasking was nebulous from the start. Some people involved in the matters he was said to be reviewing expressed surprise that they were not contacted by the U.S. attorney, and wondered privately what he was doing.”

Our Observations:

1) This is John Huber’s investigation! Remember him? Throughout his “inquiry”, ‘Waldo’ was easier to find than “Where’s Huber?”

2) This is a “news flash” from MSN…evaluate the accuracy of its conclusions at your own risk.

3) Guess who named Huber to do this “intensive investigation” into “Uranium One””, the Clinton Foundation, and the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server… Jeff Sessions! Surely you have some reservations about that!

4) We can only hope that John Durham will have done a serious investigation (we think he has); MSN’s story, we believe, is intended to try to discredit Durham’s eventual conclusions.


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