Latest prison reform idea from FBI — Just say you’re sorry

  • Only applies to FBI, but nevertheless should greatly reduce prison load
  • FISA abuse criminality (lying to court)  —  “Undergo” training program — (watch videos) — get certificate  —  problem solved!

FBI Director Wray “sends his regrets”

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the federal surveillance court in a letter Friday that he “deeply regrets” the bureau’s many errors in the process to obtain surveillance warrants on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“The FBI has the utmost respect for this Court, and deeply regrets the errors and omissions identified by the OIG,” Wray wrote in a letter to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

The FISA court had ordered Wray to provide a “road map” on how the FBI intended to address the problems the IG had identified in the Bureau’s handling of the Carter Page case. The IG noted 17 such “problems” and included serious violations of FBI rules and protocols in submitting false information to wiretap Page.

While it took Director Wray over a month to respond to the court’s order, our nation has to feel that under his superb direction, all will be well with the FBI going forward, the nation will be much safer, and Wray himself is a ‘law enforcement genius’.

At least that’s our take here at Veritaspac regarding Chris Wray’s response to the Court:
– One “Wrayremedy”… “will be to use the Carter Page FISA abuses as a case study in training sessions that FBI personnel will be required to undergo”.

– Furthermore, Wray said, “FBI personnel will be instructed on the errors and omissions that were made in the Carter Page FISA applications and associated processes…”

– And, guess what else! “The training will include a test “to confirm that personnel understand the expectations and the materials,” as well as certification for FBI employees who have completed the training…”;

They are going to get a “CERTIFICATE”! FBI agents can show family and friends that they have completed a course in which they learned to understand the expectations of and materials provided by the agency they work for!

The nation can be grateful to Director Wray in assuring that from now on, his agents will know their jobs and understand the Bureau’s rules and what is expected of them!
To that we say, “Bravo! Director Wray. It’s about time!”

By the way, the FBI Director apparently did not suggest that anyone will face any punishment or disciplinary action for any of the various violations which resulted in the ruination of reputations, destruction of financial resources of persons wrongly targeted, etc, etc.         dlh

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