Democrat candidates beclown themselves

  • It is not just Steyer, but that is who we will focus on in this report
  • Steyer plan a homing beacon and welcome mat for illegal immigration

Billionaire Tom Steyer finally made it into the Democrat presidential nomination debates last night in Des Moines. It was a buy-in as the guy has spent a hundred million dollars, almost all his own “donations” to his campaign, for months now trying to qualify for the debate stage. He finally eeked his way on stage.

From debate reports we read it was almost like he was not there, just like in the polls.  He had the least camera/question time live — so back to paid media for him. Seriously, after all that money spent and so little to show for it wouldn’t you think a smart guy would get the message?   Yes and Tom Steyer is not a very smart guy.

But Steyer is just one of the clowns running for the Democrat nomination. Triggered by a Breitbart report of Steyer’s position on what we “owe” illegal immigrants, because we found it almost unbelievable,  we went to the link Breitbart provided to Steyer’s campaign site and found his platform is every bit as preposterous as the Breitbart report indicates.

You must read the immigration platform for yourself, it is jaw dropping ridiculous in every aspect. Get briefed by the Breitbart article and then go to Steyer’s site and scan it in its entirety.  If you like clownishness you will have found the right place.

Tom Steyer: Americans Must Provide Cheap Housing to Illegal Immigrants 

A Steyer administration … [will] provide a safe platform for immigrants to share their culture and celebrate their heritage, foster opportunities for public service that support new Americans, and coordinate with Federal agencies and the private sector in order to build workforce training and fellowship opportunities for immigrants with professional qualifications from their home nation to help them leverage their specialized skills in the American marketplace.

Ensure that immigrants have the opportunities to help themselves and their communities thrive. A Steyer Administration will also ensure that all undocumented communities have access to affordable and safe housing and healthcare, including access to his public option plan. Taxpayers will be eligible for healthcare tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. Tom will extend Pell Grants and Federal student loans to students on DACA.

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