The Great Race

Wow! What A Horse Race! Who’s the More Contemptible, Nancy the Ripper, or Mittens, the Mournful Mormon?

Both portray themselves as “devout”, “prayerful”, devoted to truth… justice… but, unfortunately,  anything but the “American Way”!
Interesting that both are among the most spiteful human beings one is likely to encounter in this world; each expresses her/his contempt for the rival that outclasses, outsmarts, and outdoes them even in their own field of alleged ‘great expertise’.
Nancy’s ‘ripping up’ of Trump’s SOTUS speech on national television has received near-universal condemnation by all but the most bitter and gullible of the Democratic Party and the liberal media. It surpasses childish petulance…may even betray a case of severe brain damage.
And “Mittens”…here’s a guy, truly, in a class by himself. He likes to think of himself as portraying a model devotee of one of the world’s great religions. And he is! But it’s not Mormonism…rather. Mitt is devoted to the great religion of Personal Political  Success. Mitt is, at bottom (appropriately), a World Class Phony!           dlh
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2 Responses to The Great Race

  1. GUS says:

    “As a Senator-juror, I swore an oath, before God, to exercise ‘impartial justice,’” Romney’s hand-signed letter to his (fellow GOP senators) begins. “I am a profoundly religious person…”
    Well, that’s two ‘profoundly religious’,’ devout’ people in the US congress…”Mittens” and Nancy (“I am a ‘devout’ Catholic”)! At least they are two who apparently really, really want Americans to think they have an exclusive 2-way communication channel with the Lord…and HE ain’t ‘pro-Trump’!

  2. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    If Mitt’s a true follower of his faith, why does he only have 1 wife?

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