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Now here’s a guy that knows how to lose…and lose leaving’em laughing. No joke!

Joe Biden has been a disaster as an officeholder throughout his long time (way too long in our view) on the national political scene. As former Sec. of Defense, Bob Gates, described Joe, “…I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue of over the past four decades.”

Even Biden’s carefully nurtured public image as a “nice guy’, as “Joe lunch bucket”, everybody’s ‘everyday guy’, is false; he is as nasty a politician as any who ever graced the American political scene (ie. see his treatment of Clarence Thomas). It is not just old age showing today on the campaign trail that persuades even Democratic voters that he’s a world class buffoon. He has always been.

Despite his claim of a high IQ, and a top graduate of his law school class, Joe Biden of late, is proving every day, that he just isn’t very bright.

And, further, despite some silly self-image he seems to have of himself as a ‘tough guy’ (from challenging gang leader ‘Corn Pop’ as a youth to today’s daring an octogenarian to a pushup contest), there’s every indication that if he tried to ‘take Trump out behind the schoolhouse’, poor old Joe would get his ass kicked all the way back to Scranton.

Space doesn’t permit a recounting of Joe’s numerous gaffes over the years and on this election’s campaign trail, but they factor mightily in our belief that, —

a) Donald Trump never had in mind attacking Biden as a political opponent in 2020 with his Ukraine phone call; why would he when the more knowledgeable politics watchers were certain Biden would not be the nominee and, if he were, Trump would have him laughed off the debate stage?,

b) no serious Democratic election expert would ever want Biden as a candidate for any office ever again!

So, again, we renew our call for Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters everywhere…Help ‘Joe” stay in the Race!               dlh

Joe Biden Is Collapsing   By Walter Shapiro at New Republic

Who’s going to pick up his mantle as the establishment favorite?

Joe Biden brought his “No Malarkey” tour to a New Hampshire debate stage on Friday night. But in promising to tell the truth, he accidentally exposed his own doleful (or I should say, Bob Dole-ful) prospects in Tuesday’s opening-gun primary.

In his first words of the debate—the moment when candidates are usually the most scripted—Biden confessed, “I took a hit in Iowa and I’ll probably take a hit here.” It was a novel campaign strategy; few candidates ever say, “Vote for me because I’m going to lose here.”

If his comments were a brief misstep in an otherwise smooth debate, it would have been one thing. But throughout the evening, Biden adopted a combative tone that undercut one of his strongest assets as a candidate—his avuncular persona. Biden may merely have been frustrated; the 77-year-old can see himself losing New Hampshire to the dewy Pete Buttigieg (who was born during Biden’s second term in the Senate) and to the perpetual leftwing Senate gadfly Bernie Sanders. But he ought to know better: The night Bob Dole lost the 1988 New Hampshire GOP primary, he snapped at George H.W. Bush in a television interview, “Stop lying about my record.” Friday night in Manchester, Biden seemed ready to shout, “Stop ignoring my 47-year record.”

It all came to the surface when Buttigieg made his standard generational attack on “the politics of the past” and stressed the need to “bring change in Washington before it’s too late.”

For Biden, the ultimate Washington candidate, this was too much. Playing his remember-whose-veep-I-was card, Biden said with exasperation, “I don’t know what about the past of Barack Obama and Joe Biden was so bad. What happened? What is it that he wants to do away with?”

*You can’t make this stuff up:

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