Moreon Oscar Night

Or should that be Moreon Night at the Oscars, or, Oscar Moreon Night??

Anyway . . .

Damn! (we are in “Joe” mode) I’m so disappointed. I had hoped to see decrepit, one time “star”, Robert DeNiro take the stage and make a total ass of himself one more time before he heads for the pricey nursing home for aging airheads.     dlh

The Oscars 2020 proved the cement shoes for Netflix’s “The Irishman.”

“The downturn began on Jan. 6, when viewers tuned into the 2020 Golden Globe Awards expecting to hear a few familiar names: Marty, Pesci or perhaps Pacino. The Hollywood icons were seated at a table smack-dab down front, stage right, so it would be easy for the living legends to take the stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel quickly when they inevitably won. But those seats would only become warmer and warmer as the night went on, because instead we heard different people called up…”

Obama gets another participation trophy  (sort of)

Well, if Netflix was going to have a win it was going to be the one associated with the Obamas. Rank has its privileges.

Wow producing a “documentary” as opposed to documents, say related to his school matriculation. Producing in response to subpoenas, judicial orders, that’s for the little people.

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