Democrat Debate or was Nevada Proving Grounds* Reopened?

  • So much to feed on last night for Republican ads
  • Democrats must agree with conservatives, they use our attack lines against themselves
  • Bloomberg to Sanders ~~ you are a communist ~~  Buttigieg calls Sanders v Bloomberg “Burn this party down vs. buy this party out.” ~~ Sanders to Bloomberg ~~ you have two stints too  ~~ Sanders to oil and gas states ~~ you can thank me for saving you ~~ and so much more**

In a normative America the Democrat debate last night in Nevada should have have sealed it for Trump’s reelection.  What should be mortal wounds were inflicted (some self-inflicted).

We understand, we are not in normative times exactly when essential, incremental and me-too Marxists dominate a party aspiring to run the country without inhibition.  But it was delicious to watch clips of the brawl last night and to read  the delightful reports from conservative commentators paid to watch.  Truly they enjoyed their work.

Below are a few links that provide the flavor.  One of our favorite summations was by Donald Trump, Jr. who tweeted with regard to Bloomberg’s bludgeoning tomahawking by Liz Warren:  (link is to clip of her doing so and Mikey’s dazed and staggered response). Perhaps we witnessed a coup de grâce, but then again, money buys body parts as Bloomberg the Planned Parenthood financier well knows.

From Donald Trump, Jr.

It was a “short” campaign.  

For your reading and viewing pleasure:

Elizabeth Warren Ends Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign at Nevada Debate

Cunningham’s take (below)  may be generous to Biden, regardless, it is pretty bad when the “winners” are the ones who were not always in the way of the intended death blows. There was plenty for us to be delighted about.

Winners and Losers of the Las Vegas Democratic Debate

The Best Tweets Of The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 

Democratic Debate Becomes A Blood Sport In Nevada

*Nevada Proving Grounds

**these are not direct quotes, rather, intended as the essence

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