Demurring with our betters

  • Hanson on the nomination of “Get-off-my-grass” Sanders (great line by Hanson) but the others are effectively just as mean spirited and sinister
  • As to Gorka – We should indeed investigate,  push back, keep hope for justice alive against the deep-state. At least bankrupt the bastards with legal fees which is a key technique they use against political enemies.  But cleaning house has to come straight away (done expeditiously it would have curtailed much of the cred-seeking BS from the Obama holdovers).
  • One can have little confidence in the reliability of the current DOJ or jury pool in DC producing Grand Jury indictments.


The following commentaries earlier this week from Victor Davis Hanson and Sebastien Gorka are as to be expected insightful, and in their way hopeful. Their full text is available at American Greatness (links and excerpts below) . We do not disagree with the thrust of the articles.  Rather, in Hanson’s case, we miss a statement we think appropriate  — recognizing that the nomination by the Democrats of  anyone but Bernie could ultimately be worse for the country, a fear we set forth below. And in Gorka’s case — we question the presumption that Durham’s work, conceding all genuineness, could not be thwarted by DC Grand Juries.

Victor Davis Hanson writes:


His policy nostrums are frightening. He cannot take criticism, but becomes gruff and animated. And he is a different sort of septuagenarian than is Trump, who has a sense of humor and can be self-deprecating. Get-off-my-grass Bernie, like most true-believers and fellow travelers of mandated government redistribution, is serious 24/7. He never really addresses criticism, and his fallback position on any issue is always another predictable socialist bromide, a frown and two frail arms flailing in the air.

Again, Sanders the person gives the Sanders agenda no boost. All that can be said of Sanders is that he is authentically socialist in a way that candidates like Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are only so occasionally and opportunistically.

In 2020 if Sanders is the Democratic nominee, the NeverSanders movement will be far larger, far wealthier, far more influential—even as it is likely far quieter—than were the vociferous but anemic NeverTrumpers of 2016.

ANY Democrat who receives the nomination has already been so compromised by campaign statements, vote buying, etc., and hate for all things Republican, that they would be forced to aggressively populate government with the most doctrinaire elements of the Bernie Bolsheviks. From postal worker to cabinet level and with such a victory would come the Congress. There is only a narrow band of degrees of horror in a Democrat victory at this stage.

From Sebastian Gorka, also at American Greatness

The Counter-Coup Has Begun 

If God blesses us again and President Trump is reelected this November, it would be nice to have people working for the man chosen by the American voters to lead them and upon whom we don’t have to use lie detectors.

We have great concern that Durham will not get very far with actual convictions operating in a DC venue. Trials of nationwide crimes, crimes against the electorate ought not be limited to the DC area. Indictments in such matters ought to be able to come from a system without bias as to Democrat innocence and Republican guilt. A Grand Jury is hardly a jury of one’s peers anyway but the pool ought to more represent America than DC group-think and that point is especially true for trial juries and judges.  The Roger Stone miscarriage is an example of Beltway justice.

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