Champaign Executive Order: This is what happens when you authorize such power

  • The powers that be create it, claim it, use it
  • Any ignorant pretext might do
  • The sheeples go along

TN points out this fiat against democracy AND liberty in Champaign Illinois. The liberty concept is often assaulted by democracy. This is a twofer.

Banning the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition Because of Wuhan Virus? An Illinois Mayor Just Signed an Executive Order to Do It

Read the extent of the Executive Order, the outrage should not be limited to Second Amendment rights.   If it were a timely city council action one would assume that would be clear, however just as outrageous. It would not be characterized as an “executive order”.  The issue is about the power to implement this, regardless of press releases from the city that aspects have not been implemented.

The executive order is some-how pre-authorized by ordinance (referenced in this earlier power grab regarding St Patrick’s day celebrations). This is the next thing to martial law invoked by a cold virus. This overreach ought to be against the federal constitution. The very existence of this extensive power ought to be challenged on so many grounds. It is no longer theoretical or mute.

Now Champaign is a college town, which are typically liberal bastions.  This is what liberalism portends — control of everything. What produced this in Champaign can readily be imagined happening in Madison, in South Bend, in Iowa City . . .  anywhere Democrats are in control, officially or in spirit, sometimes disguised as Republicans.

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  1. Gus says:

    An even more interesting aspect to this story is that it has been reported that the mayor, Deborah Frank Feinen, is a Republican! I presume that Mme. Feinen is what is popularly known as a “Mitt Romney Republican”. Wonder if the “Supreme Mayor-in Chief’s” next move will be implementation of “RomneyCare” for all the citizens of Champagne?

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