Not too late for politically incorrect Ides of March humor

And a little nostalgia for relief from the coronovirus nonsense

Speaking of the Ides of March, a group from one of our favorite nostalgic years:  CRANK UP VOLUME

Comments and factoids from the YouTube postings:

“Vehicle” peaked at No. 2 behind The Guess Who’s “American Woman/No Sugar Tonight” in 05/1970.


Lead singer Jim Peterik was only 19 years old when he recorded this! He sounds like a fat, bearded 40-something guy.


Thought it was Blood Sweat & Tears!


These are REAL horns you’re listening to. This song just MOVES….


50’s, 60′ and early 70’s , so many great bands. 50 yrs later this one still kicks!


“Vehicle”, by Chicago-land area band The Ides Of March, rapidly rose to # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1970. Written by lead vocal and guitarist Jim Peterik at the age of 18, the song is noted for its distinctive horn section riff that is still popular to this day. This and the choppy rhythm of the music is reminiscent of the band Blood, Sweat, and Tears whom The Ides of March were huge fans of. The idea and title for the song is based on a personal love story, and the opening lyrics come from anti-drug pamphlets distributed in schools at that time showing an undesirable type person cruising along the curb looking for easy targets with a caption that read “I’m the friendly stranger in the black sedan, won’t you hop inside my car?”. The next line of lyrics in the song came from a warning his mother used to give him about walking home from school. In all, Peterik said the song “was very tongue-in-cheek”.


“Blue-eyed soul. Grew up thinking the singer was a brother.”

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