Random takes: Cher – Drudge – Supply Chains

Skin surgically stretched over quarts of Botox gives one that natural waxy glimmer.

Leave Cher, just leave!…escape to that ‘better place’ (China? Italy? Venezuela?, where the “leaders” are better (Xi? Vladimir?Khomeini?)


What a sad, pathetic creature she is…and she is quite at home among numerous others like her who occupy space in the richest neighborhoods in America.


The Dregs Report

Exhibit A (and B,C,D………) as the proof that the Drudge Report makes “INFO Wars” look like a premier News Network:

“Trump could take bailout cash to save his hotels… “


‘Economic distancing’ could return health, confidence to shaken US public and economy, say experts

I agree, but to be fair, we should take back our automotive, Apple products, and pharmaceutical industries, and give China the National Basketball Assn. (NBA)…oh, and they could keep Nike.


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