Massie treatment vs Coburn “Dr No”

We recently posted a commentary regarding criticisms pertaining to Congressman Thomas Massie’s (R,KY) brief parliamentary delay of the $2,000,000,000,000 cornavirus rescue bill.

The implications of such a jaw-dropping expenditure of borrowed funds of thin air creation, however justified (we are not here saying it was not) as a precedent for panic driven crisis after crisis needs to be soberly analyzed. What a pallet it could present for the usual suspects to justify every big-government socialist whim (indeed they tried with the bill in question  . . . in for a dime . . . in for a dollar . . . what’s wrong with a another trillion or two).  Not to mention that the anti-civil liberties implications of so much of the governments response at various levels to all of this is very serious and needs to be addressed.

Massie was charged with, a) delaying passage of the very important coronavirus relief bill. As he notes, his action did not ‘delay’ action…and certainly not to the extent that Pelosi’s effort to lard the bill with a radical left ‘wish list’ did; b) Massie was also criticized for “endangering the lives of members of congress by forcing them to come to the House chamber” His response to that, via Daily Caller is below:

“…Asked about Republican Rep. Peter King’s insistence that “blood” would be on “Thomas Massie’s hands” if any lawmakers forced to return got infected.
“That’s a pretty strong statement,” Massie responded. “Think about the arrogance of these congressmen. They are telling the truckers to keep driving so that their grocery stores will have groceries. They are telling the UPS drivers to keep bringing their Amazon packages. They are telling the bagger at the grocery store to keep bagging those groceries. But these congressmen make $174,000 a year. They’ve got the best health care that you can buy these days right now. And they are telling people that the congressmen need to stay home, but everybody else needs to work for them. I think that is the wrong message, but that really gives you a glimpse into how some of these people in Washington, D.C., think.”

Compare the scorn shoveled on Massie by many a conservative to the accolades they  heaped upon former Senator (MD) Coburn upon his passing a few days ago.  In his time in the Senate he was referred to as Dr No for objecting to “important” spending bills, calling fellow legislators to task. We find the treatment “interesting.”

We also find ‘interesting” that those “Libertarians” out there, some of whom are known to be readers of Veritaspac, weren’t motivated to come to the rightful defense of one of their ‘own’ (Massie).

While we are not Libertarians, we believe that Massie, consistent with his beliefs and courage in the face of fierce opposition by friend (GOP) and foe (the radical left Democrat Party) alike, “kept the faith”…and was able to effectively and coherently explain his position…with dignity and reason.

Veritaspac is not a national forum, certainly, but it is a place where people in this community can make known their opinion on issues of national and local importance. One never knows how a reasoned and informed commentary from regular citizens may enlighten others to join in collective opinion so important during difficult periods in our history.

There are few forums in the Quad Cities area that offer such an opportunity.
We encourage our readers to use it, and if preferred, you can do it anonymously.

V’PAC  — DLH with R Mall

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