John and Chris; Gretta and Emmet

  • Who one’s friends are tells a lot about an FBI Director
  • Who teaches the jurists tells a lot about “fair and impartial” at the bench

Quote of the day:

John Brennan:  “I’m just hoping individuals like Chris Wray who is a remarkable public servant will continue to stay strong in this type of abominable, uh, abominable again abuse of authority.”

What better endorsement could an undercover Swamp-dweller get?! What better ‘now we get it’ confirmation could normal Americans get?!

Remember: While the Senate Democrats were attempting mightily to block or reject any President Trump nominee for a vital position in his administration, Chris Wray got the confirmation votes for FBI Director from ALL but 5 Democrat senators.
And it’s paid off for the Democrats…Wray stonewalled, slow-walked, blocked all efforts by GOP congressmen to get documentation of FBI wrongdoing during the Comey tenure.

Judicial indoctrination insures climate outcomes 

“Judges often have to rule on issues that are highly technical, and require very specific understanding of issues beyond just the law. To address that need, among others, famed Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren recommended the creation of an independent research and education body to serve the federal court system, which Congress created in 1967. Since then, the Federal Judicial Center has offered continuing education services for judges, access to independent social scientists and research, and recommendations on how the judiciary can better function.

“In light of the influx of climate change-related cases, the Federal Judicial Center apparently worked with The American Association for the Advancement of Science and The Environmental Law Institute to convene an event to provide judges with an overview of climate change science.”

If you thought creation of an entity to “offer continuing education services for judges” could have the potential for a lot of mischief , this story would seem to reinforce that notion.

In the same way the radical left has infiltrated America’s entire education system, kindergarten through university, it has weaseled its way into the judicial system…big time!: (“The American Association for the Advancement of Science and The Environmental Law Institute”!!! That’s who is showing judges ‘the way and the light’ on climate change!)

Should be no surprise then, that that once “esteemed, no-nonsense, above reproach federal judge” whose illusions of god-like power is currently on display on the national stage in the Flynn case, Emmet Sullivan, would be working to spread the “climate change” education service throughout the judiciary.

Reading the Daily Koss article (excerpt above) and the implications, one develops the presumption that judges should not be presumed unbiased, indeed just the opposite.

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