“We are now in the midst of a panderdemic”

Obianuju Ekeocha @obianuju:
There is more Kente fabric in this picture than at a Ghanaian traditional wedding.

In a video of this ‘photo op’ (wasn’t Trump recently criticized for a “photo op”?), poor Nancy needed a lot of help to get up from this exhibition. Dumpy Jerry Nadler didn’t even kneel…surprise! And old Chuckie did his best three point stance, waiting for Nancy to snap her bra strap.


We note that Pudge Nadler seems to have put the weight back on having done so well to prep himself for the cameras during the impeachment circus.

And the poor lady behind Nancy , try as she might, as shown in various video clips, was unsuccessful in hiding her black underpants.


The delicious quotes we led with are from Obianuju Ekeocha, hers and commenters to her Twitter site.








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