Meme + a day at a minimum

One of our goals is to present commentary of note, bringing to your attention items we found compelling in our reading of conservative sites and to provide whatever additional attention we could bring to them.  We also try to impart any local political news or spin that might be referenced to those articles or that exist on there own given our largely in-state readership.

However life intercedes and we have less predictable time to do so.  And so while we will try to be as productive as possible our own commentaries may be intermittent.  But to avoid any day to day voids we will continue to at least forward a meme or two or three . . . of the day on topics of interest.

So continue to “tune in ” in daily. Here are a  couple to start the process.  For the record we do not necessarily agree with every “fact” intonation, nuance or implication but the ones we post have sufficient elements of “veritas” we think worthy, evocative, or just for their “in your face” response to liberals.”  If we can ridicule  the left we will.   Enjoy


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