Schlichter on “Your Betters for Biden”

As usual, Kurt Schlichter who is featured at Townhall does it better.  We had not seen this column yet when we posted our little tribute to Carly Fiorina yesterday.  He excoriates the “rich Republican losers” that have so bravely come forward to announce their support for Joe Biden.  Full article here.

But people like Fiorina, Joe Biden’s newest, bestest buddy, never cared about conservatism or us conservatives. Her loyalty was ever to her class, not to us. If you wanted to get her attention, you would tell her she was risking dirty looks at the country club and she’d bend to the Establishment’s will like Gumby in a vise. But when millions of Americans cried out at their ruination via outsourcing, well, remember that as a corporate bigwig she gave Bain Boy a run for his money in sending our jobs overseas to our enemies, and got even richer doing it.   . . .

The idea of Gropey Joe Biden has never been ideological. It is practical. It is about recovering power for the elite displaced by Trump’s unlikely victory in 2016. It is about a return to the days of an unrestrained, ungoverned governing caste. And that caste is where their loyalty lies – to the bumblers and kleptocrats they meet up with in Davos. It’s remarkable how they not only lie about us – and I chronicle their deceit agenda in my new book The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and You!) – but they lie to themselves. These people really do think they are the best and the brightest. Hey, we have our faults – we care too much, work too hard, are too patriotic, and give too much – but we never, say, started Iraq, lost Afghanistan, wrecked Wall Street, imposed Obamacare or slaughtered nursing home patients by filling their facilities with contagious patients.

Never before has there been a ruling class that so lacked humility when it had so very much to be humble about. Its endorsement of Joe Biden is the best possible endorsement of Donald Trump.

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