The Courtesans Mandarins Wannabes and Milksops of Big Government

  • Working for the government should not mean selling your soul
gintama sakata gintoki tokugawa shige shige courtesan of a ...

Our Senior Editor dlh has often commented (lamented) the silence in the ranks of the FBI (and retirees) particularly with DC experience over all the abuses of the Obama administration including the Obama inspired and directed Russia-gate coup attempt against President Trump and the victimization of General Flynn along the way.

There is something in the Beltway, whether politician sent there, bureaucrat, mandarin or wannabe that breeds the presumption that they are special, that they run and should run the country, and that to be one of the cloth requires (indeed produces) a way of thinking, an addiction to and jealous protection of their sinecures, or pathetic fear of losing.

Elizabeth Vaughn writing today at RedState elaborates about the fear aspect demotivating so many from doing the right thing.  An instructive article.  Some additional comments of ours follow.

IRS Whistleblower Explains Why No One in the FBI or the DOJ Spoke up for General Flynn 

This may be the wrong question but how to reform it without inviting in cranks and the like?   Along with whistleblower protections that do not invite politicization, in a broader sense these would inure to the country’s benefit:

Reduce the size and scope of government of course, term limits for elected officials, drop civil service protection and government unions – patronage is not a risk or is a lesser risk if qualification and competition for jobs is maintained

Readers are invited to add their insight.

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