Oppose Mandatory Mask Wearing in Scott County

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Idiot Croken makes his case on a roof, without wearing the mask. Stay up there Ken, please.

Supervisor, hard-core Hillary supporter, former spokes-hole for local Genesis Hospitals Ken Croken is reported by reliable sources for and by Democrats, the QC Times, to be sponsoring mandatory mask wearing in public.  Croken has indicated he will introduce his “resolution”  at Tuesday morning’s  Scott County Supervisor’s meeting (location and information below).  It is written that he was inspired by the Democrat Muscatine Mayor who has said she will issue such a mandate:

From the QC Democrat news outlet:

His motion would mandate face coverings “in all public areas of the county when and where maintaining a safe social distance is impossible or impractical,” according to a news release.

In response local freedom champions have set forth contact information to the County Supervisors (and Croken in particular).  An online petition is being circulated and most importantly, a show-up and be counted and voice your opinion call for attendance at the meeting.  From our sources:

SCOTT COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, July 7, 2020, as the Committee of the Whole – 8:00 am Board Room, 1st Floor, Administrative Center.  You can also call in for the meeting.  At a minimum call 563-326-8749 and leave a message for Supervisor Croken that you are against mandatory face masks in Scott County!

One of the items for discussion down the agenda is Croken’s Motion requiring the wearing of masks in all public spaces throughout Scott County whenever the ability to maintain safe social distance is impossible or impractical.  This is beyond the Board’s authority.

If you do not want to be forced to wear a mask show up!

You can also email Croken at


Quad City Conservative Breakfast Club


Friends this is NOT a time to be “neutral” about mandates – if you oppose this chicken little nonsense please forward to your lists or other avenues. (see below)

The local news has been hyping increased cases of “COVID” with sensational headlines and little context in the stories. Of course there are more cases due to more testing — and so what — is the death rate up or are hospitals being overwhelmed??? NO!!! The people being discovered with it are younger and if you are less than 45 your chance of even a serious complication is close to zero. And not much more for decades in age after that. The more we learn the more we can’t trust the “experts.” There is no good reason for mandatory masks in general, rather focus efforts on truly vulnerable locations / populations.

End this pall, this self-induced malaise intended to destroy this country’s healthy freedoms

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