“Jumpin’ Mittens Romney”


As far as ‘character’, none is evident with this disingenuous poser…and, ‘my party’? Which “party” is that, Mittens”? the BLM? the Communist? the newly ‘Disgraced Democratic” party?

“I have no idea what’s going to happen with my party. I represent a very small slice of my party. The party has taken a different course. My party was very strong anti-dictators, anti-authoritarian leaders, anti people like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, and now the party seems to be more comfortable with people like that,” Romney said.

“Romney told a Washington Post reporter that he was participating in the demonstration “to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.” The Utah senator later tweeted a photo of himself at the protest with the caption “Black Lives Matter,” becoming one of the most prominent GOP figures to do so.”

(We contend that “Mittens” is only waiting for the right time to do a “Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords”…switch parties when the most damage can be done to the GOP and he can derive the greatest advantage for himself  (like negotiating a juicy chairmanship.)

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