Jim Jordan and William Barr have the Democrats for lunch

  • And we are not talking a collegial conclave with victuals nor the imagery of  superior forces eating the Democrats food as there is rarely any left after Jerry Nadler hears the call
  • The two, Jordan and Barr, ate the Democrats alive including the well marbled Nadler

The Nadler hearings today “investigating”  Attorney General  Barr regarding authorization of federal officers to, of all things, protect federal buildings and personnel from anti-Government rioters highlights the theater of the absurd we are living through — and that Democrats in the House are the clown entourage.  Below is the video bomb that Jordan dropped on the Dem’s and their mantra/denial that the rioting in Democrat run big-cities is just peaceful protesting. The Democrats and their PR flaks in the media had to sit through what they have been trying to cover up. Enjoy:

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