Push for absentee voting is a first cousin of vote by mail

This Kurt Schlichter article at Townhall condenses many of the implications of the push for vote by mail. But read our supplemental comment as well (to be expanded in coming posts)

Of course, the whole idea behind vote by mail – the untargeted mass mailing of ballots out into the world that can be harvested by political operatives who all the best and smartest people tell us would never, ever cheat – is to make cheating easier. It’s to steal the election, and that’s why they are accusing Trump of cheating by trying to stop them from cheating. It’s an exercise in remarkable cynicism, but hey, they are, after all, our moral betters. We know because they never cease to tell us.

Also, underlying this bizarre and stupid conspiracy theory is more Democrat rent seeking for a beloved constituency. The postal workers’ union is a loyal Democrat adjunct and has naturally endorsed Grandpa Badfinger. Yeah, we’re supposed to trust the election to a bunch of partisan players for some reason – and the USPS is collapsing. It needs yet another bailout. Technology has changed how you correspond. You do it by email now. When was the last time you wrote a letter? You get paid electronically. Who gets a mailed Social Security check in 2020? The postal system, however, remains in many critical ways, essentially unchanged from a century ago. And that’s the way its participants and its Democrat patrons want it.

Associated purposes for the push, because of the known chaos it will produce in many areas, by delaying results, is to give plenty of time for found (Democrat) ballots and or to denigrate a Trump victory as illegitimate due to insufficient support for the USPS (a lie) and to engender riots as the further back-up plan. The Dems kind of figure they are not going to win the presidency outright but they have to do something to help the down-ticket communists and to preserve the rancor against Trump.

The Wuhan scare used to justify extensive absentee voting (by mail) is the next best thing to universal vote by mail and Republicans are helping with it.  More later.

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