Durham’s foot-dragging gets to Hannity

Sean Hannity had Sara Carter on as a guest this week. His comments echo ours. 

Informed by Sara Carter’s work (and others) we have also been greatly disturbed by the unconscionable time it is taking to release reports on what at their origin were crimes motivated by politics. The victims — Trump, members of the Trump administration, his supporters, Republicans and the American people are being denied timely justice and any opportunity for recompense. The perps, being found guilty and a few sacrificial lambs being sent to federal prison resorts for a bit, is success for the grand strategy of getting Trump, denying his reelection,  if the truth is not allowed to impact that election when that truth is essentially known. Now we hope and believe Trump should win anyway but the bad guys win to the extent of “lawlessness works” if this sort of delay represents justice.

Via Gateway Pundit.

In a rare rebuke Sean Hannity went after US Attorney John Durham on Monday for delaying the release of his investigation. The country is only 50 days from the next presidential election and Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr have yet to release their findings in the probe of FBI-CIA spying on candidate and then President Donald Trump.

So far only one FBI official has been accused of criminal activity in the historic attempted coup of a sitting US president.

Sean Hannity: John Durham has not done anyone a favor for taking so long. With the information we now have, overwhelming evidence, incontrovertible that is premeditated fraud on a FISA court. It should have been released prior to the summer.

Sean is right.
If nothing comes from this deep state lawlessness the American people will no longer be able to trust the horrible criminal elitists in Washington DC.

Via Hannity:

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  1. dlh says:

    One theory, and I believe that Rush Limbaugh may have mentioned it Wednesday (not necessarily a new one):
    Durham (and Barr) fear that they will be accused of “politicizing” the DOJ if they reveal, prior to the election, results of their investigation which are damaging to Democrats.
    There’s little doubt that that would be charged, both by the Democrats and their ‘enablers/supporters’, the media.
    However, there was never doubt that a thorough investigation, properly done, would take time (one might reasonably assume, a year; Durham was named in May, 2019); Mueller’s inquiry into “nothing” took 2 years, but that was extended, ironically, for political reasons.
    Anyone who thought that results would be ready so far ahead of time so that it “wouldn’t be labeled “political”, especially by the guilty parties and their media supporters, would not have been naive…they would have been stupid!

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