If Peggy Noonan defends SCOTUS nominee, are we in trouble?

Democrat Christian haters (it is now in their DNA) may try to use Trump SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barret’s membership in a Catholic prayer group “community” as fodder to accuse her of extremism or something.  From NeverTrumper WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan:

“If they are right-wing religious extremists someone had better tell Pope Francis, who appointed a member of People of Praise’s South Bend community as auxilliary bishop of Portland, Ore. The pope has created a Vatican body to serve the renewal, and reminded the world-wide movement that its work must include service to the marginalized. Austen Ivereigh, author of an admired biography of Pope Francis and an essayist who writes with some asperity of conservative Catholicism, has written that although the Charismatic Renewal hasn’t been distinguished by its social commitments, “there are important exceptions to this story,” and People of Praise in South Bend is one.” (P. Noonan’s column, 9/26)

She could be less than much of the conservative enthusiasm warrants  but the best guide for us would be her legal opinions, a reliable summary of which we will endeavor to find and post.  Even that score is not perfect as some climbers can play politics on their way up and then when the power and majesty of being a member of SCOTUS hits , their constitutional humility subsides.   V’PAC
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