World Leader Pope is all “Do as I say not as I do” when it comes to masks

What else can we say about the Pope and his hypocrisy about civil authority and wearing masks

  • Fine for thee not for me?
  • When in Rome . . . don’t do as the Romans are required to do?
  • Has he been pranking us all along?

Below is a collection of pictures of Pope Francis from recent weeks, certainly long after mask wearing became all the rage. We note his, shall we say, lack of compliance. To be sure many of his enthusiastic devotees do not seem to take it seriously or comply in the most useless of ways, but so it goes.  It made us wonder if Scott County infectious disease health authority Dr Louis Katz would have the Pope arrested for an assault on his  person were he to be approached by the Pope as so many in the pictures have been?

Breitbart and Daily Mail and other photos of the “killer Pope” *

Vatican City State makes masks compulsory outdoors

Pope Francis was photographed wearing a face covering for the first time when he arrived for his general audience Sept. 9. But he took the mask off as soon as he stepped outside the car that dropped him off.

* Here is a video of Dr Katz  referred to above and an excerpt of his testimony to Scott County Supervisors July 8th. Quoting him”as far as I’m concerned failure to wear a mask is assault (where social distancing is difficult)”   We also note that the infectious disease mask expert touched his mask eight times in this short video.

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