Pope Francis’ Version of ‘The Art of the Deal’ with China


  • Has the “Prince of Peace” Been Scammed, or, is He a Willing Admirer of Communism, or Both…? 
  • Be a good Christian means you kowtow to the state??

Vatican under fire for moving to renew deal with the Chinese Communist Party   Vatican said to be moving forward with cutting deal with Beijing over appointment of bishops

“The first agreement, signed in 2018, was intended to be experimental, but its results have been grim. In the past two years alone, the Chinese government has raided church services, imprisoned non-compliant priests and removed crosses from churches…”

“In one case just weeks ago, according to the National Review, a government-issued high school textbook changed a Bible story “to turn one of Jesus’s key teachings on its head: After inducing others not to cast stones at a woman who has sinned, Jesus himself stones her.”

“The current deal gives the Vatican an official presence in the country through registered churches…(but), allows China say in appointing Communist sympathizers as bishops and permits surveillance-state technology to monitor who attends services.”

Full report here.


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