We Need Three Special Prosecutors

Would Democrats not appoint a special counsel to get to the bottom of Republican wrongdoing . . . if they otherwise would have to rely on Republicans to police themselves?

It is a silly question,–  in a heartbeat they would do so

Indeed Trump should do what Democrats have done –  hamstring an incoming rival’s administration, but unlike them, not with bogus charges and innuendo – but with a fearless pursuit of evidenced corruption. Real corruption deserves nothing less.

Extensive evidence and testimony indicates that the Bidens are hip deep in corruption, Joe, Joe’s brother, and Hunter .  Why on earth would Republicans not insure that justice is independently and vigorously pursued?  The Biden’s is where one Special Counsel is needed. There is another one necessary  — a second Special Prosecutor to seriously  and vigorously pursue all the crimes against Trump and the American people in what is now known as the Russia-gate Hoax.

On that score we’ve made this point over and over: Barr-Durham are as dirty or pathetic as the rest of the swamp.  They have to be gone around.

Congressman Davin Nunes has called for the second, (and we have no doubt would support the former as well).  The reason we believe one is necessary, is because if Biden(his people) were to be ensconced in power, they would be in a position to shut the effort down. . .  but a Special Counsel appointed and funded predating any of their assumption of power would have (ideally) necessary independence, whatever the electoral outcome.

We also need a third Special Prosecutor to pursue 2020 election fraud. The evidence for that including coordination as in conspiracy is also clear.

This article by Adam at InsideScoop reports Nunes comments:

Nunes: Appoint Special Counsel, I’m Not Seeing Indictments From Durham

“How many times do FBI Agents and Intelligence Agency leaders get to lie under oath without being prosecuted? “

(Oh, come now, Devin, you know. If they are Democrats, the answer is, “as many times as necessary.”         dlh)

Full article below

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-GA) is the latest to voice his concerns over the lack of follow-through on the Durham investigation.

He is now convinced there needs to be a Special Counsel appointed to investigate the criminal referrals sent by Congress and actions by Intelligence Agency officials that took place during and after the 2016 elections.

“Every day that ticks by it’s going to become an absolute necessity that a special counsel is appointed on the way out,” Nunes told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Nunes also says it should be Attorney General William Barr that appoints the special counsel but he doesn’t know if that’s in the works or not. However, he’s worried that if Durham doesn’t come out with any referrals and Joe Biden takes office, they’ll shut it all down.

“Now that doesn’t mean that [President-elect Joe] Biden wouldn’t fire the special counsel but at least you’d have a special counsel office setup, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because I’m not seeing the indictments that I should be seeing when you take into the account that I’ve made 14 criminal referrals involving dozens and dozens of people,”

Who could have predicted that?

The swamp is deep.

I’m not saying that Durham is a part of the swamp but I’m certainly not buying that it’s out of the question. After all, people ‘close to the investigation’ keep saying these things take time. It doesn’t, however, seem to take any time to prosecute someone close to the Trump administration with a case based wholly on rumors.
Barr has said, many times, that he believes the Obama administration spied on candidate and then President Trump. He’s also said the evidence he’s seen from the Durham investigation is “troubling”.

How many times do FBI Agents and Intelligence Agency leaders get to lie under oath without being prosecuted? Is that not a crime anymore? It seems to be for anyone associated with the Trump campaign, even if the interviewing agents don’t think it was a lie.

Ask Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Of course, Joe Biden could just fire the Special Counsel and likely get zero backlash from the media. And he probably would.

It’s becoming apparent that in order to have justice, it has to be applied by people who have nothing to do with the Department of Justice.

President Trump should pursue appointment of all three expeditiously.

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