Repubs have not done us proud post election yet many are telling us how critical it is that the Georgia election goes Republican

Destroying the Brand and electoral prospects

Oh Georgia is extremely important (to an extent in spite of them), but most of the elected Senate Republicans have not shown of late that they are good examples to exclaim how critical the Georgia race is.

Most of them must know they are hurting Republican interests NOW,  and future electoral prospects, on the matters of the Republican Brand and the critical need for election integrity and confidence.  That effects Republican voting in Georgia.

 Watching these weak hitters since the November election, many potential voters in Georgia and supporters of Republican efforts everywhere must be wondering about the difference again between Republicans and Democrats.

Those Georgia voters might be asking themselves:

Is the difference between Republicans and Democrat bigwigs —  that the Republicans insist on voting integrity and knowing who honestly won the 2020 presidential election and having a full hearing regarding credible information that fraud and other illegal activities took place sufficient to alter claimed results? Or just get along and “roll the logs” ?

Only a very few Republican Senators have done anything substantive.

Is the difference between Republicans and Democrats focusing on national interest and protecting our borders, and spending restraint and concentrating on essential needs of the citizenry?

Not by the lights of the Porkulus/COVID bill  ONLY SIX REPUBLICANS VOTED AGAINST IT *

As regards concern about the integrity of the November election I would like any reader to show us we are wrong or overwrought or misjudging our state’s Republican leadership, elected and of the Party apparat. We are just not hearing of anything substantive in defense of Trumps rights and we are on a LOT of email lists.

Has Senator Grassley or Ernst indicated they will  lend their prestige to joining House members who will object to the electoral results to be presented to Congress January 6th?

Since they have not, it must be asked what it is they think they risk in not doing so versus doing so?  Do they really think the evidence regarding voter fraud and illegality Trump’s legal team and other legal supporters have amassed is made up, dismissable, not their place to evaluate under the Constitution? That these things NEED NOT be determined prior to the inauguration?

Nearly seventy percent of Republicans think the election was stolen from Trump, plus 36% of independents and 10% of Democrats. Where the hell is their political head?  Are they out to sit idly by on this while destroying the Republican brand along with their spending votes?

Where is their sense of history, of what the law and the Constitution provides for to assure the country of the legitimacy of the November election?

And as regards Governor Reynolds —  Governor, do you think your response regarding the electoral challenges to assure the validity of the presidential election, to the effect ~~ well we weren’t asked ~~  is an adequate response given what is at stake and the fact that IOWANS solidly voted for Trump and THEY will be disenfranchised if voter fraud in other states is allowed to prevail? Does your concern end with “we weren’t invited” instead of “we have done the following and we are actively seeking other ways to support the effort”

Readers immediately below is a link to a site that makes it easy to contact Iowa’s US Senators and Congressmen asking them to Challenge to the Electoral College vote .  You can delete their suggested message , alter it or write your own.  Unfortunately the auto sending includes Loebsack for Iowa zipcodes in this district, a glitch on the sponsor’s part, but no matter. Send it to him as well. 

Marrianttee Miller Meeks can be reached at

Governor Reynolds can be reached at

Links regarding the Porkulus atrocity including one to the entire bill!!

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