Wealthy Patrick Mahomes — fanboy of communist dictator – no irony there

Whatever you do, don’t practice what your ‘idol’ (Dimitri) preaches

Unlike many Chiefs fans in the KC area, I was aware of Patrick Mahomes’ leftist leanings. After all, what young sports superstar can resist… toasted by Hollywood’s most outspoken ‘woke’ celebrities, fawned over by the media, ‘adored’ by the fans, regardless of his political naïveté.

Careful there, Patrick… what, or who, you wish for.. least of all someone you seem to admire enough to hang his picture in your luxurious master bathroom. (see earlier post)

As the Chief’s quarterback, Patrick, you should realize that, in Dimitri Lenin’s world, you are “bourgeoisie”*; your teammates, especially the offensive line, and to a great extent, also, your receivers and running backs are the “proletariat”*!

With your new contract, you are earning $50 million plus, per year…many would consider that “wealth”.

But, your offensive line, the people who protect you from 300 lb. ‘blitzing’ linebackers so that you can perform your passing (and running) “magic” make, on the average, ‘only’ about $1 million a year. That’s two percent of your salary, and they will take more of a beating.

By the standards of the folks who pay $35 to $60 for parking for a game at Arrowhead stadium and a minimum of $45 for a regular season ‘nosebleed’ seat to watch you and your teammates, that isn’t a bad paycheck either.

But, Center Dan Kilgore delivers maybe 50 to 100 well placed ‘snaps’ per game and then blocks the 350 lb, guard from ‘sacking’ you, he makes a paltry $750,000/year… less than one fifth of what you do…maybe you’d better hope that he doesn’t come to embrace the ideological stance that you and your ‘hero’, Dimitri Lenin do:

“The more powerful the work, the more powerless the worker.”

Furthermore, how would Comrade Lenin look upon your new home?:

“Money is … not only the object but also the fountainhead of greed.”

And, certainly hope that all those players on the Chiefs’ defense and offense don’t share the views of Comrades Lenin and Marx: “From each according to his (blocking and tackling ) ability, to each according to his needs ($2million homes?)”.

And, “Private property has made us so stupid and partial… “

(Or how about the ‘darling’ of that political party whose views you seem to share, Elizabeth “Pocohantas” Warren. Her sentiment for example, might sound like this in your world, Patrick:

“YOU didn’t build that stadium you play in…taxpayers did! They should get in games for free!”

And, “YOU didn’t stop that beefy ‘front four’ so that you could toss a touchdown pass without getting your jersey dirty!…your ‘underpaid’ offensive line did!”!      dlh

*In Marxism, the bourgeoisie and proletariat are the two major classes that participate in the class struggle. The bourgeoisie own and hoard wealth and resources, while the proletariat are the laborers that make this possible. Communism is a system in which the proletariat, instead, would have control of resources they work for.
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  1. D. J. Wheeler says:

    I saw pictures of Mahomes’s beautiful home on the internet. All that lovely space for only three people. Perhaps Patrick should follow the guidelines of his idol, Lenin, and share all this space with others. He could easily house three or four families in addition to his own. Isn’t that what Lenin brought about in Russia? Patrick, if we are all going to be equal, I’ll be waiting for my share of your $50 M plus this year. Don’t forget to send me my part of your earnings from commercials also. Come on, start living in the real world and trash that picture of Lenin.

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