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Joy Reid is a nasty, ignorant racist, willful and irresponsible

Joy Reid Says BLM Protesters Would Be ‘Shackled, Arrested or Dead’ in Viral Speech on Race Joy Reid speech has gone viral after the MSNBC anchor eviscerated law enforcement’s double standards in policing rioters at the Capitol yesterday versus the … Continue reading

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The work cut out for us in the next two years

For one thing some GOP retirements need to be encouraged, with prejudice.  Only meat-eaters at the helm.  If we can’t take the House and or the Senate back in the midterm election then there is probably no coming back from … Continue reading

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Hundreds of sworn statements , forensic, photographic, and statistical data/proof…a “baseless” charge, “no evidence”

I just caught a quick segment of Martha McCallum on Fox. Marc Theissen was saying how there was the claim that the election in November was stolen. He deplored the “fact’ that the press has no credibility and thus was … Continue reading

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